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How to Shop for Petite Body type

How to Shop for Petite Body type

Finding clothes that fit correctly and look good on a tiny person can be challenging. Since most contemporary apparel is made to fit standardized petite rectangular body types, many petite women need help finding clothes that fit well. This implies that petite women with curves might frequently experience difficulty even when wearing petite womenswear.


Numerous characteristics are used to classify a petite body type, but height is usually the determining factor. For example, you are considered tiny if you are 5 feet 3 inches or shorter. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that everybody is different. For example, if your inseam is 27 inches or less, you would be considered small; however, that doesn’t imply you will necessarily need “petite” clothing on your upper body.

One is considered an hourglass or bell shape and stands at 5’1″. Thus I am supposed to be petite. This means that even if my upper body is deemed tiny, the proportions of regular-length pants are better suited to my lower body.

As a result, when someone is described as small, it usually just relates to height. Because of this, it is possible to be both petite and curvy and petite and slim. Petite apparel often comes in P00 or PXS sizes, but larger sizes, such PL or PXL, are also available (although it’s less frequent to find these in department stores).

Characteristics of Petite Body Type: Not 1,60 meters tall.


Don’t wear oversize clothes

extensive accessories

Put on maxi skirts.


try to make your waist bigger when you can

Choose monochrome attire.

Display your legs

The following tips are on how to dress for a petite body type:

  • Correcting the ratios is crucial to wearing appropriate clothing for various body types. Instead of aiming for halves or quarters, always use the rule of thirds.
  • Be careful not to overdo color contrast because it can make you appear shorter by creating a visual split.
  • Select coordinates available for separate purchases to ensure the optimum fit on the top and bottom.
  • Avoid wearing oversized or baggy clothing because they will overwhelm your little body and make you look infantile.
  • For Petites, midi skirts frequently make lovely maxi dresses.
  • Legs that are shorter tend to look great with cropped pants!
  • T-shirts with short sleeves and small frames look great in cropped styles.
  • Petites also benefit from cropped blouses and shirts since they eliminate the “bulk” and excess fabric around the belly while “tucking” them in.

Dressing tips to look taller for a petite body

If you want to appear taller, there are several methods to dress that can give the impression that you are taller:

  • Try donning all-black clothing, with the opportunity to add a pop of color in the upper proportions.
  • Consider using horizontal stripes to add height.
  • Try donning the same color in several tones or tints. While color blocking may be “cool,” it will divide the eye and make you appear shorter.
  • Put on a maxi dress with a V-neck and stilettos to add length to your entire body.
  • Put on a polo neck to further lengthen your torso.
  • Choose high-waisted skirts, shorts, and pants.
  • Go long and wide, letting them brush the floor style
  • To give the appearance of longer legs, put on bare legs and nude shoes.
  • Put on shoes or boots the same color as your skirt or pants.
  • To assist the legs to appear longer, choose pointed shoes rather than ones with square toes.
  • Minimize your accessories; smaller bags will make you appear taller.

Styles to shop boutiques clothes online for petite body type

1.Know Your Measurements

The bust, waist, hips, and inseam dimensions are a few that are crucial for determining your precise size. When you check a brand’s size chart and the product description, having this knowledge will help ensure that you’re buying the right size of clothing.

2.Regular-Size Blazers and Jackets Should Be Left Unbuttoned

Regular-Sized Blazers and Jackets should be worn with the buttons left undone to form a long, continuous central column that extends from head to toe. Buttoning up, on the other hand, disrupts this vertical line and has the opposite effect.

3.Accessories will help you appear taller

You wouldn’t believe it, but other accessories besides heels provide the impression of height. For example, one of the finest pieces of fashion advice for petite women is to belt a dress over your natural waistline. Doing so will make your body look shorter, and your legs look longer, giving the impression that you are taller overall.

Going monochrome with your footwear is also supposed to have a similar impact. For instance, combining skirts with skin-toned, nude shoes should make you appear taller. On the other hand, it’s advisable to wear black shoes with an ensemble that calls for black tights.

4.Select delicate accessories over chunky ones

Youshaei advises choosing delicate accessories that complement your diminutive frames, such as minimal chains and small purses if you wear jewelry or carry a handbag. These more compact products will be manageable for you.

5.When choosing maxi dresses, less is more

Little women may easily pull off maxis by choosing monochromatic dresses or with fewer prints, even though they may seem overpowering on a petite frame. Petite ladies will look longer and thinner thanks to these styles, which work well with high waistlines and V-necklines and don’t draw attention away from their diminutive stature.

6.Balance bulky items with form-fitting ones

Petite women may find that oversized sweaters and coats “swallow” up their frames, but this warm trend is still accessible to them. People believe that wearing big pieces with more form-fitting clothing, such as skinny jeans or leggings, is the key to pulling them off. As a result, your shape is highlighted without being lost in the outfit’s loose style, which helps create balance within the ensemble.

7.Over-the-Knee Boots Can Make Your Legs Look Longer

Put your top in a matching pair of high-waisted slacks or jeans to complement these boots. Your legs will look considerably longer if the colour of your boots and pants match and your waistline is higher.

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