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Fannie Ann Jones, Personal Life and Net Worth


Fannie Ann Jones was a celebrity mother, who was a working woman but she is mainly known for being the mother of American rapper Nas. Her son is today a big name in the American rap industry and this is the reason that his parents are known because of him.

Here, let us unfold the details about Fannie Ann Jones including her early life, parents, siblings, education, work, net worth, and all other details.

Personal life

 Born on 19 September 1941 in Richmond County North Carolina USA to Mack Little and Nannie Little Little, Fannie Ann Jones is an American celebrity mother. Apart from that, no other information is available about the early life of Fannie Ann Jones. Coming to the personal life of Fannie Ann Jones, she was married to an American jazz and blues musician Olu Dara. Fannie Ann Jones had a successful marriage with her husband and she remained together with him till her last breath in 2002.

Parents and siblings

 The only information available about the parents of Fannie Ann Jones is their names and that are Mack Little and Nannie Little Little. Today, her parents must have died because Fannie Ann Jones herself was 60 years old when she left the world in 2002. There is no information available on the personal life of the parents of Fannie Ann Jones. The same goes for her siblings. Whether she has any siblings is not known.


 With her marriage to Olu Dara, Fannie Ann Jones had two kids. We have already talked about Nas, who is a famous American rapper. Her other kid is Jabari Fret, who is also an emerging rapper.

Education and profession

 Let us tell you directly that there is actually no information available on the education of Fannie Ann Jones. However, we assume that Fannie Ann Jones was definitely a well-educated lady because she worked in the US postal service. Without a good education, she would not have been able to secure a job in the US postal service.

Reason for the popularity of Fannie Ann Jones

 Actually, it’s the son of Fannie Ann Jones who made her popular. Her eldest son, Nas, is quite popular as a rapper and his stardom is making even his parents popular.

Net worth of Fannie Ann Jones

 With the fact that Fannie Ann Jones had worked in the US postal service, we assume that she must have earned good money in her career. Not a massive amount though. However, she was fortunate enough to enjoy a lifestyle during her later life, as her son, Nas, is a proud owner of around 70 million. The major chunk of his earnings obviously comes from his music career.


 Being a working woman is not an uncommon thing today but it was during the days of Fannie Ann Jones. At that time, Fannie Ann Jones was a working lady and she had managed her family life really well too. We must say that she was an intelligent and wise lady.

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