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Where You Should Be Spending Your Brawl Stars Gems

Brawl Stars

Imagine this. You’re overflowing with Brawl Stars gems. Perhaps because you were lucky enough to buy cheap Brawl Stars gems from somewhere like U7Buy.com, or you just so happened to purchase a Brawl Stars account already loaded with gems. So, what do you do with them? Where should you be spending them? Well, we’ll take a look.

The Brawl Pass

If you don’t know what to spend your gems on (and you’ve got at least 169 of them), then get the Brawl Pass. It is loaded with gear that is worth may more than you spend on the Brawl Pass. In fact, you’ll get a little bit of everything, including some exclusive Brawl Stars skins. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, when you wrap up the pass, you’ll get 100 gems back. So y’know, it is a pretty solid investment.

Check Out the Offers Page

Next up, you’ll want to have a gander at the Brawl Stars offers page. It might not always be up, with most appearances happening around the holidays, and various updates to the games. You’ll get stuff for a fraction of its normal value here, and you never quite know what is going to appear. We’ve managed to grab some great skins for our Brawl Stars Brawlers this way.

Brawl Boxes and Mega Boxes

These are likely to be phased out of Brawl Stars at some point but, if they’re there still, grab some. They’ll be loaded with all sorts of items, and it is one of the best ways to get Brawlers in the game.

We recommend that you get Mega Boxes as there’s more loot for a far lower price.

Level Up Your Brawlers

You want to level up your brawlers in the game so you can unlock loads of cool gear for them, including their gadgets. The best way to do this is to grab some coin packs using your gems. They shouldn’t be too expensive, and you’ll find that there is regular offers in the game.

Try to get your main played Brawl Stars characters to level 11, because that will lead to the next thing that is essential to your gameplay.


When your brawler is at level 11, you can buy hypercharges, which level up the powers of the brawler massively (although, it is time limited).  You’ll want to grab these as soon as possible, because you’ll want to have the most amount of power possible post level-11 so that you can win some games.

Grab Some Costumes

Got a couple of favorite brawlers in the game? Why not get some cosmetics for them? They’ll look fantastic, and you can show off your new glow to all your enemies (who may end up being envious).

Get An Account Today

Don’t have an account in Brawl Stars, or feel like getting an already leveled account? You can buy Brawl Stars account from u7buy.com. It may already have some of the stuff you need to buy with gems, which means that you can spend your gems on other things (including those all-important battle passes).

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