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Donald Pritzker, Personal Life and Net Worth


Donald Pritzker was a famous American businessman, who left the world too soon at the age of 39. He is best known for being the president of Hyatt Corporation. He is also a member of the prestigious Pritzker family.

Today, let’s find out the life details of Donald Pritzker including his childhood, family, parents, siblings, education, love life, work, net worth, and all other things.

Personal life

Donald Pritzker was born on 31st October 1932 in Chicago Illinois United States in a Jewish family to Fanny and AN Pritzker. Since he was born with a silver spoon on his mouth, he had a blissful childhood and he enjoyed it with his brothers. At the age of 26, Donald Pritzker married the love of his life Sue Sandel. She studied in the same school as Donald Pritzker. So, she might be the childhood sweetheart of Donald Pritzker. However, this thing has not been confirmed by Donald Pritzker himself. The couple remained together till the death of Donald in 1972.

Parents and siblings

 Donald Pritzker was the youngest kid of American businessman AN Pritzker and his wife Fanny. The names of the older brothers of Donald Pritzker are Jay Pritzker and Robert Pritzker, who both are running their family business. As for the profession of his parents, we have already told you that the father of Donald Pritzker was a businessman too, while the profession of his mother is not known.


 Donald Pritzker had a successful married life and he was the father of three kids. The names of his children are Penny Pritzker, Anthony Pritzker, and Jay Robert Pritzker.

Education and profession

 With the fact that Donald Pritzker belonged to a rich family, he received education from top-notch schools and Universities. Donald Pritzker completed his schooling from Francis W. Parker School. After that he enrolled at Harvard University and completed his bachelor’s degree there. Not just that, Donald Pritzker majored in law too at University of Chicago. As for the profession of Donald Pritzker, you already know that he was an eminent businessman.

Reason for the popularity of Donald Pritzker

 Of course, Donald Pritzker himself is the reason for his popularity. The rich lineage of his family certainly helped him to gain initial popularity but Donald Pritzker boosted it further on his own.

Net worth of Donald Pritzker

 Considering the fact that Donald Pritzker was one of the richest businessmen during his time, he definitely had a huge amount of net worth that we can’t even think of. He hasn’t disclosed the exact numbers, so we can’t exactly tell you how much net worth he really had but one thing is sure Donald Pritzker definitely had his net worth in the billions. Since his childhood to his last days, he had always enjoyed an opulent lifestyle that is not really possible for common people.


 Donald Pritzker gained business success at a very young age. At an age when people are not even sure about their careers, he took his family business in his hand and took it to new heights of success.


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