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The Development of META Characters in Honkai: Star Rail

META Characters in Honkai

Honkai: Star Rail is a strategic role-playing game created by miHoYo. This game is quite interesting for its various genres, including hack and slash and social simulation. Yes, you can interact with other characters in this game, which is appealing for players. Additionally, there are elements of platforming, bullet hell, and dungeon crawling. The characters available in this game can be obtained through the gacha mechanic. This can directly impact your ability to survive in the endgame.

When you reach the end of the game, you can try some levels in Swarm Disaster Gameplay. There are five difficulties, with the last one being the most difficult. Each has its own difficulty, and progressing through each subdivision within the level allows you to advance to the next level. This type of division actually separates players with high investment from those who don’t. If you successfully complete difficulty 5, you will be rewarded with stellar jades and self-modeling resin.

If you start playing Honkai: Star Rail without spending a dime (meaning free to play), you will struggle to reach difficulty level 5. The reason is because Honkai: Star Rail is heavily dependent on META (Most Effective Tactic Available). That certainly includes the character you are going to play.

Every gacha game starts with a small number of characters. As the game gains popularity, more characters are introduced. Developers always find a way to get a balance between the new and old characters. However, in Honkai: Star Rail, the imbalance is usually obvious.

Power Creeps

If you are going to play Honkai: Star Rail, you should inform yourself even before you start. That is because you only have a limited number of stellar jades, which are used to summon new playable characters. If you need more jades, making a Honkai top up is a good way to get the best value currency.

Having a new character is a lot of fun, especially if it is one of the most recently updated META characters. Unfortunately, the character you are willing to pull today may be outdated in the future. This is due to the imbalance of stats, skills, and abilities between the old and new characters. This phenomenon, known as power creeping, is found in a lot of different games with different stages. Honkai: Star Rail is also subject to this thing. However, because it is relatively new, players will find it hard to notice.

The Developer Solution

The only obvious solution for a power creeping character is to stop developing the character itself. Unfortunately, this seems impossible since not everyone cares about power creeps. Another approach is to create new gameplay for a character rather than giving it raw power. This encourages new ways to use them.

Unfortunately, it has been a trend for miHoYo to create a better overall character than the previous ones. So, if you want to beat the most difficult level in the game, you should learn META strategies and get the characters. Another option if you don’t have the character is to make a Honkai top up. It will help you in obtaining the required amount of crystal in no time for getting the trending META character.

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