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Facts About Joel Roux-Neville, Aaron Neville’s Wife

Joel Roux Neville

Joel Roux Neville is the late wife of the popular songwriter and singer Aaron Neville. The retired singer Arron Joseph Neville made his name popular with numerous hits to the top ten hits in the United States. Joel Roux and Aaron Neville were married for almost five decades and had four children. Let’s find out more details regarding Joel Roux and her husband.

Short Bio About Joel Roux

Joel Roux was the wife of the retired R&B singer Aaron Neville. Joe Roux grew up in New Orleans, where she attended the same school as Aaron Neville. The two fell in love in high school and remained to date even after school.

Joel Roux was born in 1940, and she used to sing for a group named Debettes. When she turned 18, she married Aaron Neville in January 1959, and they started a family together. The couple pushed life together as Joel supported Aaron, but after she gave birth to her last-born son Jason, she left Aaron in 1972 for excessive consumption of drugs.

The couple separated for a short while, and they were back together. Aaron’s song Yellow Moon was credited to his wife, Joel Roux, who wrote it for him.

In 2004, Roux was diagnosed with lung cancer. She was given three months to live, but fortunately, she was a fighter and struggled with the disease. In 2007, Joel Roux breathed her last, and her husband’s spokesperson Jerry Digney confirmed that she had died at 66 in their home in Nashville. According to the spokesperson of Aaron, she died while surrounded by her family. The high school sweethearts had been together for forty-seven years, and Aaron had come home to celebrate their 48 anniversaries when Joel died.

Joel and Arron used to live in New Orleans, but when hurricane Katrina destroyed their hometown, the family relocated to Nashville in 2005.

Joel Roux’s Children

Joel Roux was a mother of four children before she died in 2007. Her children are Ernestine, Ivan, Aaron, and Jason Neville. Joel’s children followed in their father’s footsteps and became musicians.

Joel’s oldest son Ivan released an album if My Ancestors Could See Me Now, in 1988, and it made it to the top 40 hits. Additionally, Ivan has performed with many other bands like Spin Doctors and the Rolling Stones and played keyboards for Keith Richards’s solo tour.

Ivan also formed a band that frequently tours and appears in New Orleans. Moreover, Joel’s last son Jason has performed with his father and the Neville Brothers and is a vocalist and rap artist.

Joel Roux’s Husband

Joel Roux’s husband is 81 years as of 2022 and is a retired R&B singer. When Neville was sixteen, he got a facial sword tattoo. His father was against the act, and he made him scrub his face to remove it but instead, it only removed his skin.

Although Neville’s lifetime partner died of cancer in 2007, he found love again and married a photographer Sarah A Friedman. The photographer was hired to take a photo of the Neville brothers, and she ended up being the wife of Aaron Neville in 2010.

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