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Meet Laura Siegelbaum, Kate Siegel’s Mother

Laura Siegelbaum

Laura Siegelbaum is the celebrity mother of the horror actress Kate Siegel. Kate Siegel became famous when she appeared in Hush, a 2016 horror movie, and since then, she has won the hearts of many fans for her brilliant performance on stage. Laura Siegelbaum was married to his husband, Paul Siegelbaum, and they were blessed with one daughter, Kate Siegel. Although Laura Siegelbaum is a celebrity mother, none of her details, including her birth year, have been shared with the public.

Laura Siegelbaum’s Daughter

Laura Siegelbaum is the celebrity mother behind the talented actress Kate Siegel. It is unclear which career Laura was pursuing, but she ensured her daughter had the best life. The family lived in Silver Spring and Potomac, Maryland, where they ensured Kate grew up nurturing her love for acting.

Kate Siegel is a private lady, and although she is a celebrity, she has not revealed her date of birth to the public. The actress was born in Silver Spring, Maryland, and attended St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. After she completed her high school education, she joined Syracuse University and graduated in 2004.

Before Kate Sigel married Mike Flanagan, she revealed that she was bisexual in 2008. In her report, she indicated that she had dated other women before. But in 2016, the beautiful actress exchanged vows with Mike Flanagan.

Mike Flanagan was previously married and had one son from his previous relationship, but they had had a wonderful relationship with Kate since 2016 when they exchanged vows.

The Career of Laura Siegelbaum’s Daughter

Kate Siegel started acting in 2007 when she appeared in The Curse of The Black Dahlia. In the following years, she appeared in several films where she continued to grow her acting skills. In 2013, she started collaborating with Mike Flanagan, her current husband.

Her collaborations with her husband have been recognized in the acting world, resulting in her appearances in several movies written by the actress and Mike Flanagan. Kate Siegel wrote films like Hush with Mike Flanagan and appeared in the same films.

Kate Sigel made her debut in a Netflix series, The Haunting of Hill House, in 2018, and at that time, she realized she was pregnant with her second child. She battled severe morning sickness during the shoot until almost the end of the filming.

Kate Siegel gave birth to a daughter named Theodora Isabella Irene Flanagan. The name Theodora was the same as that of Kate while filming the Netflix series The Haunting Hill House.

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Kate Siegel’s Husband

Mike Flanagan, an American film writer, is a recognized person in the sector of horror movies. The film writer was born on May 20, 1978, in Salem, Massachusetts. He is recognized for directing, writing, and editing movies like Oculus, Hush, and Before I Wake up, among many others.

Mike Flanagan dated Cortney Bell, an actress, and they had a son. When the relationship failed to work, Mike started dating Kate Siegel, and they exchanged vows in 2016. The couple still lives together, and they have two children.

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