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Meet Francis Jonathan Beesley, Ashley Jensen, and Terence Beesley’s Only Son

francis jonathan beesley

Francis Jonathan Beesley is a celebrity son born by the late Terence Beesly and his wife, Ashley Jensen. The lovely duo welcomed their son two years after exchanging vows in front of their dog and the minister on October 20, 2009.

Francis Jonathan Beesley has been spotted attending various events with his mother, and he is a lovely kid growing up with wisdom, although he lost his father at a young age. The family has remained strong despite the big loss.

Moreover, the lively actress who expressed her disbelief about the news of her late husband has moved on, and she is falling in love. Continue reading to learn more about Francis Jonathan and his family.

When Did Francis’s Parents Meet

Francis’s parents are established actors who met and have been together for many years. The duo met in 1999 when King Lear was being produced, and they started to know each other. Beesley and Jensen remained in contact and started dating, although it took them more than five years to make their relationship official.

In 2007, the lovely couple exchanged vows in Big Sur, California. The minister and their dog attended the wedding, but that did not mean they would not have an interesting life ahead without their friends’ blessings.

Two years after they were married officially, they welcomed their first child, who later became their only child Francis Jonathan Beesley. The actress explained that although she knew she would welcome a baby, she never bothered with knowing the gender because she wanted to be surprised about the birth.

Jensen expressed that motherhood was never easy because feeding and lack of sleep affected her. Fortunately, she discovered having a routine would help, but still, it took a lot of energy from the actress.

What Caused Francis Jonathan’s Father’s Death

In 2017, Jensen and her son were saddened by the sudden death of their loved one. Jensen discovered her husband’s lifeless body in the garage, and despite calling emergency services, he was pronounced dead on the spot.

The sudden death caused grief to family and friends; unfortunately, the cause of death was unknown at the burial time. Months after the actor died, results indicated that the cause of his death was suicide.

The late actor was found in his car in the presence of carbon monoxide poison. The actress was shocked by the news, indicating that she was shocked that Beesley would do such an act.

The actress expressed they had known each other for eighteen years, and it was shocking to find out Beesley would take his own life.

Is Ashley Jensen Dating?

The death of Jensen’s husband was devastating, but the actress has moved on. She was spotted in 2021 with Kenny Doughty, an actor.

The actor and actress enjoyed a good time together in Jensen’s hometown, and their relationship is going well. Despite the tragic death of Jensen’s husband, her friends and family are happy she has found love again.

When Kenny and Jensen were spotted together, it is unclear whether the actor had separated from his wife, Caroline Carver.

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