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Who is Eva Prinze?

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Eva Prinze is famous for being the partner of American musician Thurston Joseph Moore. Moore was part of Sonic Youth, a band for 30 years, having performed with it from 1981 to 2011. Eva Prinze was romantically involved with Thurston Moore while he was married to American musician Kim Gordon.

Personal Life.

In her personal life, it is uncertain if she was in a marriage or romantically involved with any man before meeting Moore. However, there is a rumour that she wanted to marry someone else while still seeing Thurston Moore. A designer designing her wedding found it odd that Eva was accompanied by Moore while trying to marry another person.

Eva Prinze was editing art books for Ecstatic Peace publishing house, which belonged to Moore when they met. For Moore, he noted that he had been in a relationship with Eva for over three years before he separated from Kim Gordon. Despite Moore’s affair with Eva leading to the dissolution of his marriage, he noted that he was happy since he was in a really sweet relationship with Eva.

Despite having been romantically involved with Moore for a very long time, Eva Prinze does not have any children with him.

Eva Prinze’s Partner

Eva’s partner ventured into the entertainment industry when he was in college. He dropped out of college and started watching shows by rock singers such as Patti Smith and groups, which made him change his view on music. After moving to New York City, he joined a band called Even Worse but exited after some time.

Eva’s partner worked with several bands before forming the Sonic Youth Band in 1981. After meeting Kim Gordon in 1980 and Anne Demarinis and Dave Keay sometime later, they formed a band but used several names before settling for Sonic Youth. With Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore achieved a lot of success performing on big stages with renowned musicians.

Thurston Moore started cheating on his wife Kim Gordon with Eva Prinze in the late 2000s, and in 2011 they divorced, bringing Sonic Youth into a hiatus since Kim and Moore did not see eye to eye. After the fall of Sonic Youth, Eva Prinze’s partner continued to make his music as a solo artist. He also collaborated with several musicians, including Lydia Lunch, William Hooker, John Moloney, Glenn Branca, Takehisa Kosugi, Maryanne Amacher and many others.

Eva Prinze’s partner has achieved great success in the music industry, and he is still performing on the best stages and producing the best music. He has also done other things besides music, including teaching, politics, and activism.

Social Media

Eva Prinze likes to keep a lowkey on her life and does not have a social media presence. Eva is not active on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. On the other hand, her partner Thurston Moore is active on social media. On Instagram, Eva Prinze’s partner has 167k followers, follows over 2k users and has posted over 2.7k times, with most of his posts being work-related.

On Twitter, Moore is also active, having joined in October 2015; he has over 22k followers and has tweeted over three thousand times.

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