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Who is Gerlean Rockett?

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Gerlean Rockett was a celebrity because of her marriage to the late American singer Johnnie Taylor. The late American vocalist sang a variety of music genres, from gospel, pop, disco, doo-wop and blues making his to be recognized in the United States and other parts of the world.

Gerlean Rockett was married to the musician for a long time, but they divorced in 2000 when the late musician died. Gerlean Rockett is recognized to have a daughter with the singer La Tasha Taylor, and she is a singer like her late father.

Gerlean Rockett’s Children

Gerlean Rockett is a mother, and although other records indicate she had four children with the singer, it is unclear who her children are. Taylor had many children from three women, making it hard to decide who Gerlean’s children were.

But according to Wikipedia, La Tasha Taylor, an American blues and soul vocalist, actress and songwriter, is one of the children of Rockett. The year of birth of the actress and singer has been hidden away from the public. More records indicate that La Tasha was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, where she attended school.

After La Tasha graduated from high school, she attended Boston University. Gerlean’s daughter started her singing career as a guest vocalist on Tomy Castro’s album. She also ventured into acting, featuring in films like Moesha, House and Ugly Betty.

La Tasha tried to grow her music, and as a result, her original music was featured in the television programs Men in Trees and Lipstick Jungle. La Tasha also worked on live albums with Ruf’s Blues Caravan in 2016.

Unfortunately, not much has been heard about La Tasha, and it has been a while since she engaged in projects. Among her latest filming projects is House in 2007.

Gerlean Rockett’s Husband

Johnnie Taylor, the late American musician, was the husband of Gerlean Rockett. Johnnie was born in Crawfordsville, Arkansas, United States, and grew up in West Memphis. As a youngster, Taylor sang in gospel groups, which made him grow his music career. In the 1950s, Taylor released a song with the Vee-Jay Records label. His singing style was close to Sam Cooke’s, which made the Soul Stirrers gospel group hire him in 1957 to take Cooke’s place.

Cooke established his independent recording label a few years later, and Taylor signed as one of the first acts to record a song in 1962. In 1964 when Cooke died, the SAR Records stopped functioning in 1966, and Taylor had to move to Stax records.

Taylor recorded many hits with Stax records, enabling him to grow famous. In the 1980s, Johnnie Taylor became a DJ on the KKDA radio station, where he played old music.

When Taylor was 66 years, he died of a heart attack in 2000. The famous singer was buried beside his mother in Kansas City, Missouri.

The death of Taylor illuminated how complicated his life had been. Records indicated that he had several children with three different women, which made sharing his will a problem. Moreover, Sony Music was not ready to reveal the worth of Johnny’s estate.

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