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Yuyi Mori, Personal Life and Net Worth

Yuyi Mori

Yuyi Mori is one of those people, who themselves live an anonymous life but work hard and make their children capable enough to earn a big name in the world. Yes, the kids of Yuyi Mori are eminent personalities. Yuyi Mori is particularly famous for being the father of Uruguayan-Mexican actress Barbara Mori.

Let’s dig deeper to find out more information about Yuyi Mori such as his personal life, family, education, work, net worth, and all other things.

Personal life

With the fact that Yuyi Mori became popular mainly because of his kids, there is hardly any information available about his early life. The only thing known about his early life is that he is Uruguayan. From his  DOB to the names of his parents, nothing is known. If we talk about the love life of Yuyi Mori, he was married to a Lebanese woman, Rosario Ochoa. However, his marriage did not last long and the couple ended with a divorce when their kids were little toddlers. The exact marriage year of Yuyi Mori is not known.

Parents and siblings

We have already told you that the early life of Yuyi Mori is a mystery to the public. Given the fact, not even a single piece of information is available about the parents and siblings of Yuyi Mori.


With her marriage to Rosario Ochoa, Yuyi Mori had three kids including two daughters and one son. Both of his daughters, Barbara Mori and Kenya Mori, are today popular Mexican actresses while his son, Kintaro Mori, is a singer and music composer.

Education and profession

Well, here again, you won’t get any confirmed information. The reason being, Yuyi Mori as well as his children have never ever spoken about the education and profession of Yuyi Mori. Though we don’t know the profession of Yuyi Mori, we do assume that he must have worked in some prestigious profession considering the way he raised his children.

Reason for the popularity of Yuyi Mori

Obviously, the main reason for the popularity of Yuyi Mori is his children, who all are quite successful in their careers and have earned a huge level of fame too. Though the children of Yuyi Mori specifically never talked about their parents, Yuyi Mori got enough popularity for being their father.

Net worth of Yuyi Mori

As we don’t know the exact profession of Yuyi Mori, estimating his net worth is not an easy task. Though there is no information on how Yuyi Mori lived his early life, one thing is sure that he must have enjoyed a luxurious life in his later years, as all his children are earning a huge amount of money. His daughter, Barbara Mori, alone has a whopping net worth of around 5 million.


Making your children a good human beings as well as capable enough to achieve success in their professional careers is not an easy task but Yuyi Mori has done it so beautifully. We must say he is a good man and a strong father.

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