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Julian Alphonse Williams: Family, Education, and Relationship with His Brother

Julian Alphonse Williams

Julian Alphonse Williams was the nephew of tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams. His mother’s name is Sabrina Williams, and he had one elder sibling named Elijah. Alphonse’s other relatives are Richard Williams and Betty Johnson, his grandparents.

On education, it is not revealed if he was in college or not by the time of his death. Additionally, information on which high school he attended has not been disclosed; he lived a private life different from her superstar aunts.

Julian Alphonse Williams had a great relationship with his older brother as they could talk on many topics, including sports. Given their close relationship, Elijah was greatly affected by the loss of his brother. As part of his grieving process, he still sends texts to his brother’s phone, hoping that he will text back.

Alphonse’s Superstar aunties

Julian Alphonse’s aunties, Venus and Serena Williams, are tennis superstars trained by their father, Richard Williams, to become the best. Each has won several awards; funny enough, they have competed against each since they were too good for their opponents.

Despite his aunties being famous, Julian never met them as his grandfather neglected his first family, and they were not in contact. Serena and Venus have had great tennis careers, as each has won several titles. Julian’s aunt, Serena, has won twenty-three Grand Slam singles titles in her tennis career, while Venus has won seven.

Julian’s Struggle With Mental Issues

Julian Alphonse started having mental health issues in high school. While taking computer engineering classes, he used to see a counselor. Eventually, Julian Alphonse Williams tried to end his life but luckily did not die. His mother asked God for more time to live with her son, though she knew he was living on borrowed time.

Julian was struggling with depression issues, but on top of that, he had bipolar disorder. His mother said his son would still be alive if he got the necessary help. Julian’s mental health worsened when he was diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease, which results in curvature of the penis, and erections are often painful.

One night Julian Alphonse Williams decided to take his own life. It is reported that Julian took strong medications, and he may have been in respiratory distress while sleeping and never woke up. Alphonse Williams’ mother thought he was reading, but on waking up at four am, she found the lights still on; on opening the door to his room, she found her son dead.

Alphonse Williams died on February 3, 2022, aged 21.

His Mother

Julian Alphonse’s mother, one of Richard Williams’s many children, did not have a good relationship with her father or even her half-sisters Venus and Serena. Upon her son Julian’s death, she said they were dead to her since they never supported her together with her son.

Sabrina loved her son so much and missed him greatly. She took it upon herself to help others needing mental health support; she made that her life goal.

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