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Nolan Pentz Martinez, Family and Net Worth

Nolan Pentz Martinez

Would you like to learn more about Nolan Pentz Martinez? This article will focus on his family, net worth, and a few other things about him. Continue reading to find out more about him.

Nolan Pentz Martinez is an American celebrity child of Nona Gaya. He was born in 1997. He is the grandson of Janis Hunter and Marvin Gaye, two American musicians and songwriters.

His Mother

Nona Gaye’s full name is Nona Aisha Gaye, and she is famous for being the granddaughter of the late musician Slim Gaillard and the late singer Marvin Gaye. Janis Hunter is the name of her mother. After only two years of marriage, her parents divorced. She has two siblings.

She gained fame for playing Zee in the science fiction action movie “The Matrix Reloaded.”

She was born in Washington, D.C., on September 4, 1974. At the age of 18, she issued her debut album, “Love for the Future,” in 1992. For three years, she dated Prince. Her ex-boyfriend was an actor-director, record producer, singer, dancer, and musician.

She is able to support herself financially because of her multifaceted acting, modeling, and singing careers.

She served as the face of several well-known companies, including Armani. She has performed a number of songs, including “Love Sign,” “100 Hugs and Kisses,” and many others. She has appeared in a lot of movies and TV shows. In the biographical drama movie “Ali,” she played Belinda Ali.

The movie’s overall budget was 107 million dollars, and 87.7 million of those were made at the box office. She portrayed Karen in the drama movie “Crash.” The movie had a 6.5 million dollar and 101.2 million dollars budget overall.

The Gospel, a Christian drama film, featured her where she played the character of Charlene Taylor Frank. The movie had a 4 million dollar budget and a 15.8 million dollar box office take.

His Father

Justin Martinez is his father. In high school, Justin and Nolan’s mother started dating. They were best friends in high school. However, her wiki pages have no detailed information regarding their relationship since they never got married. They split up soon after Nolan was born.

Even after their relationship ended, they remained friends for the benefit of their child. His parents are both now single, reports said.

Personal life

Nolan is currently 23 years old. Every female his age wants to go on a date with him since he is a desirable bachelor. He may be in a relationship, but he likes to keep his personal affairs quiet.

There isn’t a lot of information in the public concerning his romantic life. There is none of his adult photographs or any information about him online.


There’s no information about Nolan’s education. He has managed to keep that part of his life away from the public eye.

Nolan Pentz Martinez Net Worth

There is no information online about his net worth. However, we do know about his mother. She has a net worth of $3 million.

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