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Lindsey Averill Nerney, Family And Net Worth

Lindsey Averill Nerney

Meet The Daughter of the movie musical and actress Jane Powell and her ex-husband Patrick Nerney

Lindsey Averill Nerney was the daughter of Jane Powell and Patrick W. Nerney. Jane Powell’s real name is Suzanne Lorraine Burce. She was an American singer, dancer, and actress who performed in movie musicals during the 90s. She was also notable in movies like Hit The Deck, Royal Wedding, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and many others. Pat Nerney, on the other hand, was an automobile executive.

Lindsey Averill’s mother was also notable for having several failed marriages. If you would like to know more about one of the children the actress had with one of her ex-husbands, keep reading this post. We have gathered some interesting news you would like to know about Lindsey Averill Nerney.


Lindsey Averill Nerney is prominent as the daughter of late American tv personality Jane Powell. Her date of birth was February 1st, 1956. She is in her late 60s and is the only child her mother had with Pat Nerney.

Speaking of Lindsey’s mother, Jane Powell was born in Portland, Oregon, United States, on April 1st, 1929. She had a successful career in Hollywood and had fans all over the world through her soprano voice and girl-next-door image. Jane Powell passed away due to natural causes on September 16th, 2021, in Wilton, U.S.

Lindsey took after her father’s private way of life. Nothing much is in public about Patrick.

Lindsey Averill Nerney’s Parents

Actress Jane Powell and executive Patrick W. Nerney married on November 8th, 1954. The wedding was in Ojai, California, U.S. Janes’s marriage with Pat did not last forever. They parted ways in May 1963, though the marriage was Jane’s second.

Jane Powell’s Marital Affairs

It took four failed marriages for the American superstar to find her soulmate. As a young adult, Jane Powell was first married on November 5th, 1949, to Gearhardt Anthony Steffen, a former figure skater. They had two children.

Gearhardt Steffen III was Jane’s first child, whom she had with Anthony on July 21st, 1951. The couple also had a second child on November 21st, 1952, whose name was Suzanne Illena Steffen.

Jane Powell had an extramarital affair with Gene Nelson, her co-star in Three Sailors and a Girl. That led to Jane and Gearhardt’s divorce in August 1953.

Jane’s second marriage was with Lindsey Averill’s father, Pat Nerney. Following their divorce,  the mother of three married and divorced twice more with James Fitzgerald (1965 – 1975) and David Parlour (1978 – 1981).

Jane Powell fell for the former child star, Dickie Moore, whom she married in 1988. Jane and Dickie had no children but were married until 2015 when Dickie Moore passed away.

The Career and Net Worth of Lindsey Averill Nerney

Lindsey Averill Nerney has kept a low profile all through her life. We do not know her occupation or professional history. Therefore, Lindsey’s net worth is not anywhere on the internet. However, she should be living a comfortable life considering the influence of her late mother, Suzanne Lorraine Burce, otherwise known as Jane Powell.

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