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Samantha Nichelle Robinson, Age, Parents, Family, Education, Reason For Popularity

Samantha Nichelle Robinson

Bumper Robinson is a familiar face, name, and voice for his work in voice acting, films, and television shows. His real name is Larry C. Robinson II and has been in Hollywood since 1983. Alongside a thriving career, Bumper has an admirable family that includes his beautiful wife and three children. When Bumper is not in front of the camera, he is a wonderful husband and father.

However, this post is not all about Bumper Robinson, the American film, television, and voice actor. We shall be discussing one of his adorable children, Samatha Nichelle Robinson. Keep scrolling to the end to discover all the amazing facts about the star kid.

The Biography of Samatha Nichelle Robinson

The child star is the daughter of the famous Bumper Robinson and his wife, Katherine Penton. She was welcomed into the family on March 31st, 2011. Being born to a father who is from Cleveland, Ohio, United States, Samatha Nichelle Robinson is of American nationality.

Samatha is growing up in the United States and is surrounded by her family. She has two siblings, Braylon Colliato and Dakota Reamon. Her paternal grandparents are LC Robinson and Natalie Robinson. She also has an aunt Lauren Robinson.


Samatha Nichelle’s parents, Kathrine Penton and Larry C. Robinson married in 2009. The couple loves their three beautiful children and has a good relationship.

They have been seen on family trekking trips on several occasions. Samatha is often seen with her dad in different basketball games.

Bumper Robinson does not disclose his family’s affair to the media, and Kathrine Penton is also very private. But Bumper’s Instagram account is worthy of cute pictures taken with his wife and children. That shows the family is living happily. Samatha is growing up in a peaceful environment.

Samatha Nichelle Robinson’s Education

Bumper and his wife have kept their children away from the media. The school that Samatha and his siblings attend is unknown. However, the children should be studying in one of the best schools in America. Actor Bumper has the influence and wealth to give his children a quality education.

Social Media Presence

Samatha Nichelle Robinson is still a child. Her use of social media is under the supervision of her parents. And like her private mother, Samatha is humble, gentle, and private. Actor Bumper, on the other hand, uses social media to keep his fans updated about his work and life. There are numerous pictures of the actor and his family on social media.

Samantha Nichelle Robinson Net Worth

Samatha Nichelle Robinson still has a long future to accumulate her net worth. She is currently living in luxury, courtesy of her super-rich father. Larry C. Robinson, famously known as Bumper, has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He has made a fortune from his profession in Hollywood.

Bumper has portrayed many top roles like Teen Titan, Scooby-Doo and The Ghoul School, among many others that we hope Samatha will enjoy as she grows up. He is also famous for movies such as The Games, Bones, and A Different World.

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