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Louis Chesimard, Personal Life and Net Worth


Have you heard the name of American terrorist Assata Shakur, who escaped from prison and was not found by police till her last breath. Well, Louis Chesimard is the ex-husband of such a notorious terrorist. The couple did not remain together for a very long time, but Louis Chesimard is still famous for being her ex-husband.

Today, read this article to find out all information about Louis Chesimard including his childhood, parents, siblings, education, work, net worth, and all other things.

Personal life

Since Louis Chesimard himself is not famous, there is no information available on his birth. Be it the names of his parents or his birthplace, nothing is known to the public. If you talk about his love life, Louis Chesimard was in a relationship with American terrorist Assata Shakur. The couple even got married in 1967 and remained together for 3 years. However, in 1970, their marriage came to an end. After that, whether Louis Chesimard married again is not known to the public.

Parents and siblings

As we have already told you that Louis Chesimard is mainly famous because of his wife, there is no information available about his parents as well as siblings. What to say more, we are not even sure whether Louis Chesimard has any siblings or not.


Though the marriage of Louis Chesimard with Assata Shakur was short lived, he had one child with her. The name of his child on any other information about him/her is not known to the public. As for the age, he/she must be over 50 years old today because he/she was born between 1967 to 1970.

Education and profession

You can’t find any confirmed information about the education of Louis Chesimard because he himself never disclosed any details regarding this. Not just his education, but the profession of Louis Chesimard is also not known. Since his wife was involved with a terrorist organization, we assume that Louis Chesimard might not be in a prestigious profession.

Reason for the popularity of Louis Chesimard

The one and only reason for the popularity of Louis Chesimard is, of course, his wife, Assata Shakur, who was a really notorious criminal. Even today there is a huge reward of 2 million for his apprehension. With the fact, you can assume how notorious she was and her notoriety made her husband popular too.

Net worth of Louis Chesimard

Well, here again, saying something confirmed is not really possible because the profession of Louis Chesimard is not known. He has not even disclosed his lifestyle to the public which could have given us hints about his earnings and net worth. So, the conclusion is that Louis Chesimard has kept his net worth hidden from the eyes of the public and media.


Some people gain popularity for good reasons and some become popular for bad reasons. Louis Chesimard probably falls into the second category. He is popular for being the ex-husband of his notorious wife. Though he does not have any relationship with her today, he is still popular because of her only.

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