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Margaret Myfanwe Joseph, Personal Life and Net Worth


Margaret Myfanwe Joseph was a popular English novelist, who wrote novels under the name ‘Vanne Morris-Goodall’. Besides that, she is also famous for being the mother of the world’s most famous primatologist Jane Goodall. Margaret Myfanwe Joseph is already dead.

So, today let’s look back and find out some significant information about her life including her early life, siblings, work, education, parents, love life, net worth, and just everything.

Personal life

Since Margaret Myfanwe Joseph took birth decades ago, her confirmed DOB is not known. However, according to some sources, she was born in 1906. Besides that, no other information about the early life of Margaret Myfanwe Joseph is known. If you talk about her love life, the English novelist was married to a great English Motorsports racing driver Mortimer Morris Goodall. The couple had a successful marriage and they probably remained together till the last breath of Margaret Myfanwe Joseph in 2000. The exact year of  Margaret Myfanwe Joseph’s marriage is not really known.

Parents and siblings

We already said that there is hardly any information available on the early life of Margaret Myfanwe Joseph. Given the fact, the names of Margaret Myfanwe Joseph’s are not known. Not just that, but there is no information available about the siblings of Margaret Myfanwe Joseph either.


With her marriage to Mortimer Morris Goodall, Margaret Myfanwe Joseph had two daughters. The interesting thing is that both of her daughters celebrate their birthdays on the 3rd of April, but their birth year is not the same. The elder daughter of Margaret Myfanwe Joseph named Jane Goodall was born in 1934, while her younger daughter, Judith Goodall, was born in 1938.

Education and profession

There is really not any confirmed information available on the education of Margaret Myfanwe Joseph but we believe that she was definitely a well-educated lady because writing novels and achieving success is not a small thing. Yes, Margaret Myfanwe Joseph was a novelist by profession and she has achieved great success too.

Reason for the popularity of Margaret Myfanwe Joseph

Well, Margaret Myfanwe Joseph herself was an eminent personality and was famous because of her great writing skills. Her husband was a famous racer, who also added a fair share to the popularity of Margaret Myfanwe Joseph. Today, Margaret Myfanwe Joseph is mainly famous for being the mother of primatologist Jane Goodall.

Net worth of Margaret Myfanwe Joseph

Considering the profession of Margaret Myfanwe Joseph, as she was an eminent novelist and achieved great success in her profession, we are pretty sure that she must have had a huge amount of net worth in her career. The exact numbers of her net worth are not known because neither Margaret Myfanwe Joseph nor her family members have ever revealed it.


Margaret Myfanwe Joseph died decades ago and we are talking about her today. With the fact you can assume the level of popularity and success she has gained in her career. No doubt she was a talented lady with big dreams.

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