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James Leonard Gillette, Personal Life and Net Worth


James Leonard Gillette is a young celebrity son, who is mainly popular because of his celebrity mother l, Rita Ford, who is a famous English-born American vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter. Unlike his mother, James Leonard Gillette is not much open about his life. However, we tried to find out some information about him.

So, read this article if you are interested to know the early life, parents, siblings, education, work, net worth, and all other details about James Leonard Gillette.

Personal life

Born on 13th May 1997 to American couple Lita Ford and Jim Gillette, James Leonard Gillette is a young celebrity kid who is in his mid-20s right now. Apart from this, no other information is available on the early life of James Leonard Gillette. Coming to his love life, with the fact that James Leonard Gillette is around 25 years old today, he must be in a romantic relationship. However, James Leonard Gillette prefers to keep those details to himself only.

Parents and siblings

James Leonard Gillette is one of two sons of his parents, Lita Ford and Jim Gillette. The love story of his parents is really interesting because they got married just 2 weeks after knowing each other. Their marriage went smoothly for some years and the couple had two beautiful kids together. However, eventually, it ended with a divorce. Prior to this relationship, the mother of James Leonard Gillette was briefly engaged to famous guitarist Tony Iommi. On the professional front, both of his parents were really successful, especially his mother, Rita Ford, who is a multi-talented lady. She is a popular songwriter and guitarist. As for the father of James Leonard Gillette, he is also a vocalist.

Speaking of the siblings, James Leonard Gillette has one real brother and his name is Rocco.


With the fact that the personal life of James Leonard Gillette is secret to the public, it is not confirmed whether he has any kids or not.

Education and profession

It’s not only the personal life of James Leonard Gillette that is unknown to the public but his educational background, as well as his professional career, are also a matter of secret. Neither James Leonard Gillette nor his parents ever bothered to disclose any details regarding these things. Considering the age of James Leonard Gillette, we are pretty sure that he is definitely done with his education and must be professionally active today.

Reason for the popularity of James Leonard Gillette

To be honest, it’s the mother of James Leonard Gillette who makes him popular. James Leonard Gillette himself has not done anything significant to become a celebrity but it’s his mother who makes him a celebrity.

Net worth of James Leonard Gillette

As we said above that the profession of James Leonard Gillette is not known, his net worth is not known either. Being a celebrity kid, James Leonard Gillette has been enjoying abundant luxury in his life since his childhood. As of 2022, his mother holds a stunning net worth of around 3 million.


Though James Leonard Gillette has the privilege of being a celebrity kid, he probably doesn’t like to use this privilege to shape his career and this is the reason that he is not active in the glamour world like his parents.

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