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Kenni Wehrman, Family and Net Worth

Kenni Wehrman

The information about Kenni is surprisingly scarce, we don’t know her age, and we don’t know when she got married. We know she has a child either named Song Dillion or Jessi Jo Dillion, or possibly she is the mother of both of these girls. One thing we do know for sure is that she is married to American country singer Dean Dillion.

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Her Net Worth

As we don’t have much information on Kenni Wehrman, we don’t know anything about her current net worth, although her husband is worth about five million U.S. dollars.

Her Husband

Dean Dillion, given the name Larry Dean Flynn, the American country singer, was born in Lake City, which is in Tennessee, in the United States of America. Dean Dillion was born in the year 1955 on the 26th of March. He attended Oak Ridge High School, and once he completed his high school diploma, he moved to Nashville.

Dillon was seven years old when he started to play the guitar and when Dean was fifteen years old, he had his first public appearance. His first public appearance was at the Knoxville variety show as a performer and singer.

When he moved to Nashville, he joined the entertainment industry, the music industry, to be more specific. He started recording as Dean Rutherford with the Plantation Label; later, he changed his recording name to Dean Dalton. Once he moved to the new record company RCA Records, Jerry Bradley, the record executive, helped him change his recording name once again; this time, it stuck; he became Dean Dillion with the help of a name randomly picked from a telephone book.

Dean had a song, a top 30 hit, and songs that charted eight times between 1979 and 1983. At the time, he didn’t know it but being a recording artist was only a stepping stone in his very long and prosperous career in the music industry.

Because of the success of his songs in the early days, he got a record deal with Capitol Records. While working with them, he released two records. In 1991 Dean was at yet another record label. This time he was recording with Atlantic records. While he was recording with them, he recorded his best performing album, and he hasn’t released any albums since he released Out of Your Ever-Loving Mind. The majority of his albums were recorded in a studio.

His natural talent was soon to be discovered as a songwriter rather than a recording artist, with him writing many songs, such as Tennessee Whisky, which he wrote for David Allen Coe. This song became a hit in 1981. He has also written a multitude of singles for George Strait. A few of the songs George Strait and his son Bubba actually co-wrote with Dean Dillion.

In 2018 Dean Dillion met a man named Sundance Head at a rodeo in Houston and admired his voice. Inspired by Sundance’s voice Dillion started his own record label and released an album with Sundance on the 25th of January 2019.

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