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Leonice Leonard: Get to Know Mr. Perfect’s Wife.

Leonice Leonard

Leonice Leonard was the wife of American wrestler Curtis Michael Hennig, better known by his ring name Mr. Perfect. She is a mother of four children; Curtis Axel, Amy Hennig, Kaite Hennig, and Hank Hennig. Details surrounding her wedding with Mr. Perfect have been kept private.

According to Leonice Leonard’s son’s Twitter posts, she celebrates her birthday on February 2 every year.

Details on which schools Leonice went to or what she pursued in college have not been revealed. Information on what she does to earn a living has also been kept from the public eye.

Her Husband

Leonice Leonard’s husband was the son of Larry Hennig, a professional wrestler; given his background and his father’s involvement in wrestling, he started liking it. After going through high school and with the help of his father, who trained him. Curtis made his wrestling debut in the American Wrestling Association on January 30, 1980; he won several championships, including the AWA World Heavyweight Championship in 1987 against Nick Bockwinkel.

While in AWA, Leonice’s husband worked with World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and Pacific Northwest Wrestling. After winning the AWA championship in 1987, Curtis moved back to WWF with a character of a perfect villain hence earning the name Mr.Perfect; the name suited him well as he was not defeated for two years.

Leonice Leonard’s husband’s undefeated run ended when Brutus Beefcake defeated him at WrestleMania VI. Curtis participated in the 1990’s Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship, winning against Jimmy Snuka in the quarter-finals and Tito Santana in the finals.

In June 1991, Leonice Leonard’s husband suffered a back injury and forfeited featuring in many wrestling games to avoid affecting his back. Given Mr. Perfect’s injury, he became a  commentator and managed Ric Flair. It was an on-and-off thing for Curtis; given his back injury, he could participate in wrestling and take some time off to heal.

Curtis Hennig’s career was great; he participated in several Royal Rumbles and Survivor Series and won several championships.

Mr. Perfect’s Death

Leonice Leonard’s husband died on February 10, 2003, aged 44. He was found dead in a hotel room in Florida; his death was due to acute cocaine intoxication. Though, steroids and painkillers also had a thing to do with his death.

Social Media and Net Worth

Leonice is a very private person as she does not like publicity. She is not on any social media platforms; she is not on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Most of her children are also not active on social media, except her son Hank Hennig on Twitter. Hank joined Twitter in August 2011 and mostly tweets on wrestling-related topics. He also posts pictures of his family, including his mother.

What Leonice does to earn a living is unknown, so it is hard to estimate her net worth. But on the other hand, her husband worked in several wrestling brands and won several championships; he must have earned enough to support his wife even 20 years after his death.

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