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Kennedy Rose Huffman, Personal Info and Net Worth

Kennedy Rose Huffman

Kennedy Rose Huffman is the daughter of Robert Booker Tio Huffman, also known as Booker T. who is one of the top successful wrestlers in the history of wrestling.

Read further to know about Kennedy Rose Huffmam’s personal life, parents, siblings, children, net worth, and many more.

Personal Information

Kennedy Rose Huffman is a twin and she was born on August 5, 2010. She and her twin brother are 12 years old now. Despite both her parents being popular in the wrestling world, there is not a lot of information regarding her personal life available on the internet yet.

Parents and Siblings

Robert Booker Tio Huffman and Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman are the parents of Kennedy Rose Huffman. While working for WCW, Robert and Sharmell started dating. The couple got married in February 2005 and had twins, a boy and a girl in 2010. Kennedy is one of their twin daughters and has a twin brother named Kendrick.

Before marrying Sharmell, Robert got married to Levestia in 1996. However, after 5 years of marriage, the couple got divorced in 2001. Robert and Levestia have a son named Brandon Huffman, stepbrother of Kennedy Rose Huffman.

Stevie Ray is their uncle Kennedy who is a wrestler too. When Robert Booker was fourteen years old, he lost his parents. His elder brother, Stevie, raised him in the United States.

Kennedy Rose Huffman


Kennedy Rose Huffman is a young girl of 12 years of age. We don’t have any information available about her relationship status but we can assume that a young girl like her has no children nor is she married.

Education and Profession

We do not have any info about the educational background of Kennedy Rose Huffman. We also know nothing about her profession.

Reason for Kennedy Rose Huffman’s Popularity

Kennedy Rose Huffman is popular due to her parents, Robert Booker Tio Huffman and Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman. Both of them are famous in the wrestling world.

Robert Booker Tio Huffman, also goes with the nickname Booker T. Other than a professional wrestler, is also a color commentator and wrestling promoter. In professional wrestling, he is a six-time World Champion . He has also won five times the WCW World Heavyweight Championship and once the WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship.

If we talk about Kennedy’s mother, Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman was a professional wrestling valet until she retired in 2009. When she was 20 years old, she won the 1991 Miss Black America pageant and came to be known as Miss Black Indiana.

Kennedy Rose Huffman Net Worth

The information regarding the net worth of Kennedy Rose Huffman is not known publicly yet. We can assume that being this small in age she does not go to work. However, we can consider her father, Robert’s net worth is $5 million. We can say that Kennedy and her twin brother enjoy a luxurious life.


Kennedy Rose Huffman is a young girl who is being raised along with her twin brother Kendrick in a happy family. She currently does not use any social media platforms.

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