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Grace Moorea Phillips, Personal Life and Net Worth

Grace Moorea Phillips

Remember the little girl from the American TV drama ‘Series 24’, who was portrayed as a nerve gas victim in episode 6 ‘Day 5: 2:00 pm- 3:00 pm? Well, it was Grace Moorea Phillips. Now, that little girl has grown to be a beautiful model.

Today, let‘s dig a little deeper to find out the personal life, profession, work, education, net worth, and other career details of Grace Moorea Phillips.

Personal life:

Born on October 5, 1997, in the USA to Lou Diamond Phillips and Kelly Philips, Grace Moorea Phillips is an American model and actress. She is not much active as an actress, though. She follows white ethnicity. Speaking of her love life, the 24-year-old model has been in a relationship for a couple of years. She sometimes uploads pictures with her boyfriend on her social media handles. However, she hasn’t revealed any information about him.

Parents & siblings;

Grace Moorea Phillips is the daughter of popular American director Lou Diamond Phillip and model Kelly Philip. Grace received a good upbringing from her parents. However, her parents are separated today.

Speaking of her siblings, the gorgeous model has a twin sister named Isabella Patricia. Besides that, she also has one more sister who was born in 1999.


Though Grace Moorea Phillips is in a romantic relationship for some time now, she is not married yet and neither has any kids.

Education & profession:

Today, Grace Moorea Phillips is 24 years old. Given the fact, she is definitely done with schooling as well as graduation. However, we don’t know about her education, as she kept it private. Considering her family background, the all we can say is that she must have got her education from some renowned institutes.

As for her profession, Grace Moorea Phillips is a model as well as an actress. She is popular for being the model of top-level agencies like ‘The Industry Model MGMT’. In addition, she is also famous for her remarkable acting in the film ‘Kids 2 Kids’.

Reason for popularity;

Well, her hard work is the reason for her popularity. She definitely got an upper hand, as both of her parents are renowned in their respective careers, but she herself worked hard to gain the name and fame. As a result, she is a big name in the modeling industry today.

Net worth of Grace Moorea Phillips:

As we know, Grace Moorea Phillips is actively involved in 2 professions, so this is obvious that she must be having a huge net worth. Well, true to our speculations, the talented lady has really churned out a big amount of money so far in her career. As of 2022, Grace Moorea Phillips holds a whopping net worth of $1 million. The main source of her income obviously comes from her modeling career. Nevertheless, her acting career also adds a good amount to it.


Grace Moorea Phillips is born with silver spoon in her mouth and this helped her a lot in shaping her career. However, the lady also utilized those opportunities very well and established herself as a big shiny star in the glamour industry.

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