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Find Out What Happened to Justine Gotti Agnello, Victoria Gotti’s Daughter


Justine Gotti Agnelo was the daughter of the American writer and reality TV personality Victoria Gotti. Victoria Gotti, who is Justine Gotti Agnello’s mother, is John Gotti’s daughter, a Gambino crime family Mafia boss.

Justine Gotti Agnello’s mother produced a biopic that premiered back in February 2019, and she later disclosed in an interview how hard it was to produce some part of the film.

What Caused Justine Gotti Agnello’s Death?

In an interview with People Magazine, Justine Gotti Agnello’s smother revealed that she fought hard with Lifetime executive to omit the death of her firstborn from the movie. Victoria Gotti left the part outside in her original script, but somebody captured it during filming.

Justine Gotti Agnello was born stillborn nine months after she tied the knot with Carmine Agnello, who is now her ex-husband. Victoria Gotti, Justine Gotti Agnello’s mother, revealed that she is the only one who knew her daughter Justine, and that is why she didn’t want the scene to be filmed.

Even though Victoria still admitted that she loved how that part was filmed, the film was a good opportunity to clear several misconceptions about her. Victoria Gotti revealed that the biggest misconception about her was that she was raised rich like a princess. Although she loves that part, she wanted her fans to get a clear view of how they grew up poor in her early life. Although they were poor, they lived a happy family loved by their parents.

Does Justine Gotti Agnello Have Siblings?

Justine Gotti Agnello was the firstborn of Victoria Gotti and Carmine Agnello, but the couple had other children later who were Justine’s siblings. The other Siblings of Justine Gotti Agnello are frank Gotti Agnello, John Gotti Agnello and Carmine Gotti Agnello.

Justine Gotti Agnello’s Father

Justine Gotti Agnello’s parents married in 1984 despite not having Victoria Gotti’s parents’ approval. Before the marriage, Victoria Gotti’s father, the Gambino boss John Gotti, retaliated against Agnello in 1979 for assaulting her daughter Victoria. Several Gambino associates attacked Agnello, beat him, and shot him in the buttocks.

On January 20th, 2000, Justine Gotti Agnello’s father, Carmine Agnello, was charged with racketeering and arson. Agnello used unlawful techniques to force the New York Police Department to sell him their scrap metal shop for less market value.

Agnello’s defense fillings indicated that he was under medication for bipolar disorder, which influenced his poor decisions. Agnello was offered a plea bargain which he accepted in exchange for getting a reduced court sentence. In October 2001, Agnello was sentenced to nine years in federal prison and forced to a penalty of $10 million in assets to the court. Lucky for Justine Gotti Agnello’s father, he was released from police custody in January 2008.

When Did Justine Gotti Agnello’s Parents Divorce?

Unfortunately for Agnello’s father, Victoria Gotti, Justine Gotti’s mother, filed for a divorce while Agnello was in prison. Victoria Gotti divorced Agnello on the grounds of constructive abandonment in 2003. As part of Victoria Gotti’s divorce from Agnello, she was awarded a foreclosure of $3.2 million mansions in 2009.

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