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Discover Facts About the Octomom’s First Son Elijah Makai Solomon


Elijah Makai Solomon is the firstborn of the famous Octomom. The Octomom came into the limelight after giving birth to Octuplets despite having six other children. Of all the fourteen children of the Octomom, Elijah Makai Solomon is the firstborn.

Elijah Makai Solomon’s mother, Nadya Suleman, gained the title the Octomom after she gave birth to her octuplets. Elijah’s mother made history in 2009 when she gave birth to the octuplets and became the second woman in history.

There had been rumors that the children were given birth through IVF, something that the mother of Elijah Makai Solomon later agreed after denying. The Octomom confirmed that six of her Octuplets came from six embryos leftover from her previous IVF.

Elijah Makai Solom’s Siblings

Elijah being the firstborn, was born in May 2001. He is proud to have thirteen more brothers and sisters. Some of Elijah’s siblings are Octuplets, who were born in 2009, and now they have grown into healthy teenagers.

The second born in Elijah Makai Solomon’s family is Ameerah Yasmeen Solomon, and she has grown into a beautiful young lady who graduated from high school. Her mother posted on her Instagram profile congratulating her and wishing her the best in e dreams to become a doctor.

Elijah Makai Solomon has another sibling, Joshua, the thirdborn and the second son of the family of fourteen. The Octomom praised her son Joshua as an intelligent, respectful, hardworking young man who is unique. Moreover, Joshua is the only vegan in the house of fourteen siblings.

The fourth sibling of Elijah Makai Solomon’s family is Aidan Solomon. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with severe autism, and the Octomom prays he gets a favorable environment like her other babies.

Calyssa Arielle Solomon is the fifth child of the family, and she has a fraternal twin, Caleb. Elijah Makai’s mother praised Calyssa for her artistic abilities while showcasing a beautiful painting of the sun setting. On the other hand, Caleb loves to keep his life private and doesn’t show much on his mother’s social media platforms.

Besides the five siblings of Elijah Makai Solon mentioned above, he has Octuplets siblings, including Nariyah, Isaiah, Maliyah, Jeremiah, Noah, Josiah, Jonah, and Makai.

Despite the challenges Elijah Makai Solomon’s mother has undergone, she is happy they are a family. In an Instagram post, the Octomom congratulated his firstborn Elijah Makai Solomon, for growing up o a fine young man despite their challenges.

The Octomom Child Abuse Claims

Unfortunately, some information was leaked to the media that Elijah was sexually molesting his younger sisters and that he watches porn. This news was released by Elijah Makai Solomon’s nanny Gina who was also taking care of his siblings, but it was false information.

As the information circulated turned out to be false, it is also known that Elijah got a restraining order against the ex-nanny. While his mother was getting help in rehab, Elijah turned to the legal system, which helped him to keep his harasser away. Gina was prohibited from near Elijah, as he feared the ex-nanny was obsessed with him.

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