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Langston Howarth: Family and Personal Life.

Langston Howarth

Langston Howarth is the daughter of American actor Roger Howarth. Her mother is Cari Stahler, an actress and the lastborn in a family of two children; her elder brother is Julian Howarth.

Langston Howarth has kept a low profile and is not often seen in public despite his father being a celebrity. Information on her educational status has not been revealed, that is, at what level she is at the moment. There is nothing much to tell about her dating life as she is probably single.

Her Father

Langston Howarth’s father was exposed to arts at a younger age, given that his father worked in a theater and wrote plays. He was involved in a play as early as he was seven when he performed in The Grand Duke. While in high school, Langston’s father was active in drama and could often perform in school plays.

Additionally, Roger played football in high school, and when asked if he was a professional footballer, he said no.

Despite being heavily involved in plays since he was young, Langston Howarth’s father refused to take acting as a profession and opted to study political science at the university. Just after one semester of studying political science, he dropped out and joined an acting program at a theater center in Connecticut.

In his acting career, he first featured in Loving, an ABC daytime drama, for a short time. Then he played rapist Todd Manning in the drama One Life to Live. The role was supposed to be a day-long role, but his fans loved and praised him for his role, and he went on to become a successful character in the drama. Roger won a Daytime Emmy Award for his role in One Life to Live.

Langston’s father has been featured in several after films and television shows, including; Destruction of Los Angeles, Guiding Light, As the World Turns, General Hospital, and The Flash, among others.

How her parents met

Langston’s father met Cari Stahler in 1991. At that time, Cari used to work in a café where Roger Howarth lived above it. They became friends, and soon after Langston’s mother asked Roger out on a date, they went to Coney Island, had fun, and later got into a relationship. The following year they tied the knot and have been together since and are blessed with two children, including Langston Howarth.

Net Worth and Social Media

Given her age, Langston is probably in college, and therefore, she is not working, and it will be hard to estimate her net worth, but on the other hand, her parents are well of. Her father has a net worth of 4.6 million dollars, money he has amassed from his successful acting career, so the family is comfortable financially.

On social media, Langston Howarth is probably not on any of the handles. There are no details if she is on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, but her father is active on social media, where he has a significantly larger following. For instance, on Instagram, Langston’s father uses the username @rogerhowarthofficial, has 2706 followers, and has posted only six times.

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