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Get to Know Janice Gero, Brandon DeWilde’s Second Wife


Janice Gero was the second wife of the late actor Brandon DeWilde. Brandon DeWilde started acting at a young age, and Janice Gero was his second, who he had married a few months before his death. Janice Gero came into the limelight when her late husband died in 1972, although sources reveal that she quickly got into another marriage a few months after Brandon passed away.

Janice Gero’s Marriage with Brandon DeWilde

Janice Gero came into the limelight because of getting married to the late actor Brandon DeWilde. Janice was born in 1952, and although she had married the star, she was yet to be known well by the public.

According to a book dedicated to Brandon DeWilde, Janice Gero and the actor met in a club when Janice was taking a job as a stripper. Janice Gero had lost her parents in a car crash, and she had to do something to support herself. Thus, she decided to work as a stripper in a club in Hollywood.

While Janice Gero was doing her job, she met Brandon DeWilde, and they fell in love. At the beginning of their marriage, they were both drug addicts and led miserable lives, but they decided to change their lives together for the better.

Although Brandon was an actor who had received awards for being the best-supporting actor while young, he had a poor life with his second wife. In a book by McLean about Brandon DeWilde, his second wife revealed that they were poor to the extent that they lacked food to eat. This forced them to steal beans and hide them in their clothes to have something to eat.

Janice Gero and Brandon DeWilde worked on their relationship, and they were able to recover from being drug addicts. Janice revealed that in the last year and a half, Brandon DeWilde had gone back to acting and was no longer doing drugs.

Janice Gero and Brandon DeWilde were married on March 1972, and after four months of being in love, the great actor was involved in a car crash, causing his death. Brandon was on his way to the hospital to see Janice, who had recently undergone surgery when Brandon’s van struck a parked truck.

After Brandon DeWilde died, it did not take long for Janice Gero before she was married to Gregory L Hankins. The second marriage of Janice did not last long, and after three years, she married Michael J Marto in September 1975 in Los Angeles, California.

Who is Brandon DeWilde

Brandon DeWilde was a child actor who dominated the screen in the 1950s and 1960s. Brandon De Wilde started acting at seven years old when he featured in The Member of the Wedding and set the record straight as the first child to win the Donaldson Award.

After his debut in acting the following year, he also appeared in another film Shane in 1953. His iconic performance earned him an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Brandon was nominated at eleven years old, which enabled him to get more opportunities as an actor.

The actor was married to his first wife in 1963, and after a few years, he divorced and married his second wife, Janice Gero.

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