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All About Eric Dillahunt


Eric Dillahunt was the brother of American actor Garret Dillahunt. His other brother is called Brett Dillahunt, and he is a teacher. Eric was born on March 1962 to his parents, David Lee Dillahunt and Jeanne Dillahunt.

Details regarding Eric’s educational level upon his death have not been revealed, but he was already done with high school.

His Brother

Garret Dillahunt is known for his work in several television roles. Garret grew up with his brothers, including Eric Dillahunt, in Selah, Washington; he went to Selah High School before joining the University of Washington to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. He furthered his studies after graduating from New York University with a Master’s in Fine Arts in acting.

Eric’s brother is married to actress Michelle Hurd, who has featured in several movies and series, the latest one being the series Star Trek Picard. As of 2002, the couple has been together for 26 years and married for 15 years. Despite being together for that long, they have no kids; they are probably both focusing on their careers.

Garret Dillahunt’s Career

Dillahunt spent some time on Broadway but later began taking television and film roles, often appearing on short series and guest starring in television shows such as NYPD Blue and The X-Files. He also portrayed Jack McCall and Francis Wolcott in the series Deadwood in 2004 and 2005, respectively.

Eric Dillahunt’s brother also featured in the medical drama E.R. from 2005-2006, portraying Steve Curtis. Other television shows in which Dillahunt made an appearance include; The 4400, The Book of Daniel, Law & Order, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Burn Notice, The Mindy Project, Fear the Walking Dead, and several others.

On films, Dillahunt played Carson Thrash in Pretty Bird, Robert Wagner in Houston, and Harold Dixon in Against the Sun. Other films he featured include; Wheelman, Braven, Benched, Widows, Sergio, Ambulance, Blonde, Where the Crawdads Sing, Thrilling Adventure Hour Live, and 12 Years a Slave, among others.

Net Worth and Social Media

By the time of Eric Dillahunt’s death, details of what he was doing to earn a living were unknown, and so was his net worth. On the other hand, his brother Garret has been in the entertainment industry for nearly three decades; he has earned a good fortune for several roles in films and television shows. Garret’s net worth is estimated to be approximately 4 million dollars.

On social media, Eric’s brother is active and has Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. Garret joined Twitter in December 2012 and has over 57k followers; on Instagram, he is followed by 163k users, follows 4.8k users, and has posted over a thousand times. Most of his Instagram posts are work-related or pictures of his family and friends. In 2016, Garret took it to Facebook and posted a picture of his brother Eric Dillahunt noting that it would have been his 55th birthday.


Eric Dillahunt died on November 6, 1981, aged 19, due to a drunk driving accident; he was a passenger in a car whose driver was drunk. He was buried at the Terrace Heights Memorial Park in Yakima, Yakima County, Washington, USA.


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