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Young Star Kid Life Of Jack Marshall Burton

Jack Marshall Burton

Jack Marshall Burton is the son of Steve Burton. The curious souls of society are always curious to obtain information about what the celebrity kids are up to. However, through this, the celebrity kids climb the tracks to success much easier. Just like the same way Jack has also gained prominence in the same way. He is known to the world because of her father, who is an American actor.

This article is presented in front of the audience to explain everything about Jack Marshall Burton. Along with him, a brief segment will also be heightened about his father to enhance his character.

Early Life And Family

Jack Marshall Burton was born on 26th March 2006. His parents are Steve Burton and Sheree Gustin. He had also enjoyed his childhood with his sibling named Makena Grace Burton.

Excluding this nothing can be known about how Jack spent his childhood with his sibling. However, his father also never deciphered anything about how he used to enjoy the moments with his kids earlier and even now.

Jack’s Father And His Net Worth

Steve Burton is a well-known American actor. He was born on 28th June 1970 in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S. In 1987 he appeared on the big screen with the movie named Out of This World. However, in the next year, he portrayed the character of Harris Michaels in the film Days of Our Lives.

Nonetheless, Steve caught the eyes of the audience and gained fondness after being part of General Hospital as Jason Morgan. He appeared in this drama from 1991 to 2012 as well as from 2017 to 2021.

He has also worked as a voice artist in the dramas named Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children as well as the Kingdom Hearts series as Cloud Strife.

In June 2017 Steve announced that he is making a comeback at General Hospital. But late in November 2021, he had been fired after denying being a part of the show during the global pandemic.

On 16th January 1999, Steve Burton was married to Sheree Gustin and has three kids with her. However, the couple ended this long term partnership in June 2022 and filed for divorce. According to Steve, he is not the father of Gustin’s child.

He won the Daytime Emmy Award under the category of Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series as well as the Hottest Male Star for General Hospital. However, in 2021 the Soap Hub Award he won the General Hospital Favorite Actor award.

Steve Burton has a net worth of 3 million dollars.

Jack Marshall Burton’s Net Worth

No such information can be gathered at present to illustrate anything about how Jack is doing to earn her bread. However, it seems that he is fully dependent upon his parents for every need. As a result of this figuring out his net is much more difficult at this moment. So it’s better not to convey anything incompatible to him without any ethical notification.


The above-mentioned sections decipher all about Jack Marshall Burton and his father. Hopefully, he will also be a victorious person in her field just like her father. To know much about such personalities keep scrolling the website.

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