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Star Baby Life Of Lucian Augustus Coppola Cage

Lucian Augustus Coppola Cage

Everyone has an idea of how star kids use their parents’ stardom to facilitate their careers. However, the audience and the media are the primary individuals behind this, they appreciate the celebrity kids doing so. However, Lucian Augustus Coppola Cage is one of them. He is known to the world because of his father and grandfather who are two notable people in the American entertainment industry.

As the title of the article states it will provide all possible information about who Lucian Augustus Coppola Cage is. Along with him, a few sections will also be adjoined about his father and grandfather to enhance his character prominently.

Early Life And Family

Lucian Augustus Coppola Cage was born in 2014 and is the son of Weston Cage and Danielle Cage. Along with a famous father he also has a well-known Nicolas Cage and Christina Fulton.

Excluding this nothing, much can be known about him. However, neither his parents nor his grandparents seem enthusiastic in asserting how he is spending his life. Nonetheless, he must have started exploring his life.

Lucian’s Father And His Net Worth

Weston Cage was born on 26th December 1990 in Los Angeles, California, United States. He is a recording artist, music producer, actor as well as a martial artist.

The audience must have noticed him in several movies like D-Day, 211, Get Gone,  Mojave Diamonds, Drive angry, and so on. However, he has also expressed his musical aspect by releasing his album named The Wolf.

Weston is married to Danielle Cage and has four kids with her named Cyress, Venice, Lucian, and Sorin Coppola Cage.

Weston Cage has a net worth of around 5 million dollars.

Lucian’s Grandfather And His Net Worth

Nicolas Cage AKA Nicolas Kim Coppola is an actor and film producer from America. He was born on 7th January 1964 in Long Beach, California, U.S. In the early days of his life he started working in numerous movies as one of the side artists. Such movies are Valley Girl, Peggy Sue Got Married, Raising Arizona, Moonstruck, Wild at Heart, and many more.

However, after getting the Academy Award for Best Actor for Leaving Las Vegas in 1995 Nicolas Cage gained more attention and recognition. Since then he started working the films as the lead actor. Such movies include Gone in 60 Seconds, The Rock, Con Air, The Family Man, Windtalkers, Face/Off, City of Angels, and so on.

Later on, Nicolas Cage established his production company named Saturn Films which has and has produced some movies like Shadow of the Vampire, The Life of David Gale, etc.

According to sources, Nicolas Cage has a net worth of around 170 million dollars.

Lucian Augustus Coppola Cage’s Net Worth

At present Lucian is 4 years old, and much dependent upon his parents for his needs. So it will be inappropriate to figure out his net worth at this moment in time.


Hopefully, the above-mentioned segments of the article are enough to gain a precise idea about who Lucian Augustus Coppola Cage is. Hopefully, he will also make his family members proud by working prominently in his field. However, to know more about such identities keep scrolling through this website.

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