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Everything You Need to Know About Tony Oliva’s Wife: Gordette Dubois

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Gordette Dubois is famous thanks to her husband, Tony Oliva, a former Cuban baseball player. Tony Oliva played in the American Baseball league throughout her baseball career. Her parents were Robert Dubois and Laura Dubois

On her personal life, Gordette Dubois met Tony Oliva three and half years prior to their marriage when she attended a Twins game while on a senior class skip day. They met at Maryland Hotel after a baseball game, and Oliva offered to give Gordette his autograph if she could give him her number. Gordette did not give it much thought, and she gave him her number, and after some time, Tony Oliva called her in his poor English.

Tony Oliva and Gordette Dubois dated for a while before tying the knot on January 6, 1968, in Hitchcock, South Dakota. The couple was blessed with three kids in her marriage: Anita, Ricardo and Pedro Jr.

Gordette’s family is close-knit; given her relationship with her children, she probably has the same relationship with her grandchildren. Gordette and her husband celebrated 53 years of marriage on January 2021. They have been married for 54 years and seem happy together; for them, it is until death do them part.

Information on what Gordette Dubois does to earn a living has not been made public. Given that Gordette’s career is unknown, her net worth is also unknown, but given her husband’s career, she must have lived a comfortable life.

Educational Background.

When Tony Oliva met Gordette Dubois, she was a senior in high school, so she was an educated woman. However, it is uncertain if Dubois continued with her education at the college level, and if she did, what course did she pursue.

Her Husband

With the help of his father, a semi-professional baseball player, Tony Oliva learned how to play baseball and became the best hitter in his hometown of Piner del Rio. While playing in his hometown Gordette’s husband was noticed by a scout who convinced him to go and play professional baseball in America. Though he was reluctant in the first place because he did not want to leave his family, he moved to the US after his father talked to him.

In 1961, Tony Oliva started playing in the Minor leagues, playing three games for The Twins. Gordette’s husband also played for Dallas -Fort Worth Rangers in the Pacific Coast League before moving into the American Major League. In 1964 Oliva was voted for as the American Rookie of the Year, getting 19 out of the 20 votes; the same year, Tony made it into the All-Star game for the first time.

Gordette Dubois’s husband’s career had been great, having won several awards. For instance, he won the American League Gold Glove Award eight times. In 2022 Tony Oliva was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Social Media

Gordette Dubois is not active on any social media platforms, probably due to her old age, and maybe she wants to maintain a low key in her personal life. Despite being famous, Gordette’s husband is not active on social media either.

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