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Estelle Rosenbaum Blanc’s Family, Career, Husband, and Bio


Estelle Rosenbaum Blanc was born on July 12, 1910, in Denver County, Colorado, USA, and she came into the limelight for her involvement in the entertainment industry. In 1932, Estelle began her career in radio with her then-partner Mel in Portland, Oregon. Who knew the two would soon call each other partners in life till death do part? Mel and Estelle Blanc co-hosted a radio show, Cobwebs, and Nuts, for a year before they decided to be life partners.

Short Bio About Estelle Rosenbaum Blanc

Estelle became famous when her husband became a recognized actor. Adding that Estelle had been airing a radio show with her husband helped make her more famous.

Estelle was born in Denver, Colorado, USA, and grew up there. It is unclear what she attended school and what she majored in, but she had a career as a radio hostess. Estelle’s parents were Lilian Goldberg and William Berg, and she was born alongside her two siblings, a brother and a sister.

Estelle met her husband when she started her career in 1932 as a radio host, and in 1933 the lovebirds exchanged vows. Three years after the couple exchanged vows, they relocated to Los Angeles, where Mel joined Warner Bros and started acting in various voice roles.

Mel Blan worked with Warner Bros for a year before switching to CBS radio and hosting The Joe Penner Show. Estelle’s son, who also became a voice actor, revealed that Mrs. Blanc was the woman behind his father’s success.

Estelle’s son, her mother, supported Mel Blanc’s career and made it possible for him to perform in his career. Her supportiveness was clear when Mel was involved in an accident, but she ensured she had a mini studio made for Mel. He used the mini-studio to record 65 episodes of a project he was working on while bedridden.

Estelle Rosenbaum Blanc’s Husband

Melvin Jerome Blanc was the husband of Estelle Rosenbaum. The great American voice actor remains one of the greatest voice actors who greatly impacted the cartoon industry. Mel Blanc was born on May 30, 1908, and started his career as a radio personality when he was 19.

Mel Blanc got his job in radio because he provided character voices and vocal sound effects for comedy radio programs. Blanc was born in San Francisco, California, in a family of three children, and he grew up in San Francisco.

Mel Blanc later relocated to Portland, but he had shown his fondness for voices ad dialect when he was ten years. When Blanc was sixteen years, he changed his name from Blank to Blanc because he claimed his teacher had mentioned he might end up amounting to nothing like his name.

Mel Blanc established his name as a great voice actor, a role he has continued to hold even after dying. Blanc died in 1989 from emphysema which was caused by consistent smoking. Mel Blanc started smoking a cigarette when he was nine years and continued with the habit when he was seventy-seven.

The death of Mel Blanc was considered a great loss for the cartoon industry because he held a successful role in the industry for sixty years. Mel Blanc’s wife Estelle died in 2003 at 92 years old and was buried beside her husband in Los Angeles.


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