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Get to Know Fern Sutherland’s Husband, Jarrod Kilner


Jarrold Kilner came into the limelight for being the partner of New Zealand actress Fern Sutherland. Although Fern Sutherland is a popular figure and many people have gotten used to her appearing on the screens, her husband Jarrod Kilner is private and has ensured his information is inaccessible.

Jarrod Kilner was born in 1982, although his birth’s exact place has remained unknown. This explains why little about his parents is also known. Let’s find more information about Jarrod Kilner.

Jarrod Kiner’s Wife

Jarrod Kilner came into the limelight for being the partner of Fern Sutherland, a New Zealand actress. Fern Sutherland became popular for her role in The Brokenwood Miseries, although she has been featured in many films.

Before Fern became famous in the film, she had struggled with her acting career. Fern lived in Sydney and tried making ends meet as an actor. Fern used to watch her favorite show Friday Night Lives which helped her get through the tough times.

When she used to watch the show, she admired how the actors looked lovely and talented. It made her feel lost and untalented because her career had not yet picked up. But, when she was featured in The Brokenwood Mysteries, it became one of her favorite jobs because of the ups and downs that came with it.

The Career of Jarrod Kilner’s Wife

Fern Sutherland, born on October 17, 987, in New Zealand, has established her name as a great actress after featuring in various roles where she performed tremendously.

Fern debuted in acting when she appeared as a lead artiste in short films by the UNITEC Performing Arts School. She had small roles, which enabled her to further pursue her acting career in Theatre.

After a few years acting in Theatre, Jarrod Kilner ventured into Television plays. She started working with South Pacific Pictures and doing small roles in films like Go Girls and The Almighty Johnsons.

Although Fern Sutherland has expressed that she may have chosen the wrong career of having stage fright and anxiety, she has continued enjoying being part of the acting family in the entertainment industry. The fact that she can create and bring characters to life encourages her to continue acting.

Sutherland has continued to improve her acting skills, and in 2011, she was nominated for the best-supporting actress for featuring in The Almighty Johnsons. This opened more opportunities for the actress, and she was featured in The Brokenwood Mysteries.

Jarrod Kilner’s Profession

As highlighted earlier, Jarrod Kilner is secretive and has not revealed his career. However, when Fern reveals her favorite things, she hints at her husband’s profession. Jarrod Kilner seems to be a professional football coach in high school.

Fern indicated she was inspired by the movie she was watching and was tempted to accept a job as a counselor in a high school where her husband was coaching football.

How Many Children Does Jarrod Kilner Have?

Jarrod Kilner and Fern Stuart have not revealed if they have children. The thirty-five-year-old actress seems to be focused on her career.



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