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Who is Ava Siragusa?


Ava Siragusa, born in 2001, is famous thanks to her late father, Anthony Siragusa Sr., better known as the Goose. Anthony Siragusa Sr. was an American professional footballer who played defensive tackle for Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens for a combined twelve seasons. Her mother is Kathy Giacalone, and she has two siblings; Samantha Rose Siragusa and Anthony Siragusa Jr.

Education and Personal Life

Ava is educated as her older siblings; she spent her high school years at Morristown Beard School. She is currently a student at Southeastern Louisiana University. Her brother graduated in May from Villanova University with a bachelor’s degree in business; her sister is a business lady, having also completed her studies.

Regarding her personal life, Ava is unmarried and has no kids; she is still focusing on her studies. Nevertheless, she has not revealed whether she is dating anyone or in a serious relationship. Ava’s father loved her, and in one of his Instagram posts, he stated that she was just like him, a pain in the ass, but he loved her.

Her Father

Anthony Siragusa Sr. started playing football at David Brearley High School. He was also into wrestling. In college, Ava’s father played football for the Pittsburgh Panthers at the University of Pittsburgh. While playing college football, he suffered a left anterior cruciate ligament tear and had to undergo surgery.

Despite being undrafted, Siragusa was signed by the Indianapolis Colts in 1990 as a defensive tackle. After recovering, he appeared in 13 games for the Colts in the 1990 season. The following season, Tony appeared in all 16 games, recording five sacks and 88 combined sacks. Ava’s father was part of the team that lost the 1995 AFC Championship game; he left Colts after the 1996 season due to differences with the coach.

Ava’s father joined the Baltimore Ravens in the 1997 season; he helped the team into its first Super Bowl, beating the New York Giants. He retired from football in 2001 and joined Fox as a sideline reporter and analyst for NFL games until he was fired after the 2015 NFL season.

Besides football, Ava’s father was featured in shows, including The Sopranos, where he was featured as Soprano family associate Frankie Cortese. He also opened a restaurant called Tiff’s after partnering with Michael Romanelli. Additionally, Tony hosted Mega Machines, a documentary program on the Learning Channel. In 2013, Ava’s father appeared in Depend for Men, an ad campaign; after doing the commercial, the response was amazing.

Ava Siragusa’s father died on June 22, 2022, aged 55, in his sleep. His family did not reveal the cause of his death, but his family had a history of heart attacks which might have been the possible cause of his death.

Social Media

Ava is active on social media, and so are her siblings. On Instagram, Ava Siragusa uses the username @avsiragusa; she has 1.7k followers, follows 1.1k users, and has posted 56 times; most of her posts are her pictures. Besides her sister, Samantha is also active on Instagram, and she uses the username @sammisiragusa; she has over 5k followers and has posted 172 times.


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