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Daniel Benjamin Bassett – Family, Career, and Personal Life


Daniel Benjamin Bassett is famous thanks to his daughter Angela Evelyn Bassett, an American actor known for his several roles in the entertainment industry. He worked as an electrician. David married Betty Jane Bassett, a social worker, on June 24, 1959, in Forsyth, North Carolina, US, but divorced her when their daughters were young. He was not in his daughters’ lives, and their mother raised them.

Daniel’s parents were Daniel Bassett Sr and Brownie Bassett. He had three siblings Golden Florence Wall, Jethro Bassett, and Walter Bassett.

Given that Daniel was not in the lives of kids, they don’t talk much about him, and so little is known about him. Since his relationship with his kids was severed, they seemed to love their mom more, even though Angela was raised by her aunt for some time, and she had a great connection with her than her mother.

His Daughter

Angela went to school, and through her mother’s support, she could complete her studies. She furthered her studies when she earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Yale School of Drama. While at Yale, Daniel’s daughter met her lover Courtney B. Vance, a drama school graduate.

After completing her college education, Angela was a receptionist in a beauty salon for a moment while trying to look for acting work in theaters.

Angela’s Acting Career

Angela made her television debut when she was featured as a prostitute in the movie Doubletake. She later moved to Los Angeles, and her early projects included 227 and A Man Called Hawk. Daniel’s daughter became famous for her performances in Malcolm X, earning her an Image Award, and in Boyz n the Hood.

In the 1990s, she also appeared in The Jacksons: An American Dream, What’s Love Got to Do with it, Vampire in Brooklyn, Waiting to Exhale, and Strange Days among other films and shows. Angela was the first African-American woman to win the Golden Globe Award.

Angela is still set to feature in several upcoming films and shows. In 2022, she portrayed Ramonda in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. She will also be appearing in Damsel.

Daniel’s daughter has raised most of her wealth through her acting career. Given her many appearances in several films and television shows, she has acquired a lot of wealth, and her net worth is estimated to be approximately 25 million dollars.

Life After Divorce

There are no details of what Daniel Benjamin Bassett did after divorcing Betty Jane; it is unclear if he remarried and had any other kids though he had a daughter from his first marriage. He died in October 1981 at 56; his family members have not revealed his death’s circumstances. His ex-wife Betty had Type 2 diabetes and died of heart failure in 2014.

Daniel did not see his daughters for a long time until he attended his mother’s burial and had a brief moment with his kids. After the burial, they did not see each other again.

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