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What We Know About Creed Romello Lopez


Creed Romello Lopez was born on July 30th, 2020, to the American media personality Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez. The toddler has gained the limelight due to her mother’s role on MTV and trying to change the toddler’s name severally.

The young celebrity Creed Romello Lopez has an Instagram account and has grown famous after appearing more than once in the limelight. From the look of things, it seems Creed Romello Lopezs’ mother, Kailyn Lowry is not on good terms with her ex-Chris Lope, resulting in her action to change the toddler’s name.

Why Kaylin Changed Creed Romello Lopez’s Name

As indicated earlier, the decision by Kaylin came as a surprise to her fans. Kaylin stated that they had initially decided to name their son Creed Romello Lopez, but the name of the celebrity kid is Creed Romello Lowry-Lopez.

It is believed that Keylin’s decision was attributed to the problems she has been having with Chris Lopez, Creed Romello’s father. Lowry has been seen accusing her ex-Chris Lopez of being an absent father for a while, indicating how messed up their relationship was.

Moreover, Creed Romello Lopez’s mother gave her thirdborn son her surname as his last name despite him sharing a father with Creed Romello. It is not surprising that Kaylin is also changing Creed Romello Lopez’s name. Although Creed Romello now has Lopez, according to his mother, it is not certain that he will keep the hyphen or drop the Lopez name and have Lowry like his brother.

Kaylin Lowry separated from Chris Lopez, and shortly afterward, she announced the news of changing Creed Romello Lopez’s surname to Lowry.

Creed Romello Lopez’s Half Brother

Chris Lopez was blessed with the third son, and fans were surprised when Kaylin Lowry, Creed Romello’s mother, took to social media to announce the news before Chris Lopez did. Kaylin Lowry congratulated Chris and his new family on her Instagram and indicated that the boys were happy to have a new sibling they love.

Her fans were unhappy with the post as Kaylin quickly spread the news before Chris was ready to announce it. Other fans thought that Kailyn was secretly freaking about the information. Later Creed Romello Lopez’s father revealed that he did not care about Kailyn spreading his baby news so long as he was happy.

Chris Lopez Creed Romello’s father also shared that he loved being a father the third time and experienced more with his third son, unlike his two sons with Kaylin Lowry. He indicated that he would be in his third son’s life more than in his other sons’ lives. Moreover, Kaylin added to her son Creed and Lux’s Instagram that they had a half-brother CJ.

Creed Romello Lopez’s Mother Upsets Fans with Christmas News

Unlike other Teen Moms, Kaylin Lowry took to her Instagram handle to tell her fans that she had given up gifting her sons during Christmas. Creed Romello Lopez’s mother indicated she was tired of fighting with the dads about Christmas and had given up gifting his boys on Christmas.

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