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Who is Edward Reed Gregory

edward reed gregory

Edward Reed Gregory is a famous entrepreneur and the former CEO of Gregory Packaging Incorporation. Although the great entrepreneur passed on in 1999, his sons have continued with the family legacy to start the company started by his father, Reed Gregory.

Daniel John Gregory, a famous entrepreneur, has continued with the family legacy of running the family company. Daniel John Gregory, Edward Reed Gregory’s son, is the current Vice President, and he has ensured the company continues to compete in the business world.

Who is the Founder of Gregory Packaging Incorporation?

Gregory Packaging Incorporation was founded in 1922 by Reed Gregory, Edward Reed Gregory’s father. When Reed Gregory was growing old, he taught his son Edward how to manage the business, and Edward started managing it in the 1960s.

Edward Reed Gregory ensured the business sustained all business waves and maintained the family legacy passed on by his father. The company offering fruit and vegetable juice options for food service and school products is now chaired by Daniel John Gregory, Edward Reed’s son.

When Edward was still running the business, he started training his sons Daniel and Ned about it. During the school summer breaks, the sons of Edward actively participated in running the company. Now Ned is the President while Daniel is the Vice President.

The company has continued expanding its territories and manufacturing facilities in Newark, Bethlehem, Newnan, and Phoenix.

Who is Daniel John Gregory

Daniel John Gregory was born in  1963 to his parents, Cecilia and Edward Gregory. While Daniel’s father was an entrepreneur, his mother was a philanthropist and pianist. Daniel went to Father Judge High school and later joined Villanova University, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies.

Daniel was brought up with Ned, his elder brother, the President of Gregory Packaging Incorporation. The successful business empire has now made Daniel a rich man with over $ million net worth.

Is Edward Reed Gregory’s Son Married?

Daniel John Gregory is a rich man married to a beautiful wife, Martha MacCallum. Martha MacCallum is a famous figure being the host for Foz News. Martha’s job as an author and news host has made a name for herself, explaining why Edward Reed Gregory has the limelight.

Martha MacCallum was born on January 31, 964. The star hosts The Story with Martha MacCallum and has hosted famous icons like former president Barack Obama, first lady Laura Bash, and ex-Arizona Senator General David Petraeus.

Daniel Reed and his wife met at a wedding in New Jersey, its native land. During the wedding, they danced together and interacted with each other. The lovebirds started seeing each other after the wedding, and they dated for some time before exchanging vows on August 22, 19992.

Before Martha started working for Fox News, she worked for walk street journal Television and CNB World. She moved to Fox News in 2004, and since then, she has grown into a famous journalist with much respect for her professional shows.

Daniel Reed and her wife were blessed with three children, Reed Gregory, Harry Gregory, and Elizabeth Bowes. Their daughter Elizabeth Bowes is a political scientist and has appeared on Fox News with her mother.

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