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Meet Jennifer Ridarelli, Bobby Ridarelli’s Only Daughter

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Bobby Ridarelli is a famous American singer and actor recognized for performing in rock and roll and traditional pop music. Bobby was famous and always in the limelight, but his daughter Jennifer shied away from the limelight and kept a private life. Bobby had two children with his wife Camilla Quattrone, and both have kept their lives away from the limelight.

Jennifer Ridarelli’s Bio

Jennifer Ridarelli was born to the famous American singer recognized by his stage name Bobby Ridarelli. She was not the only child because she had a brother Robert Ridarelli, who she grew up with.

Jennifer grew up in Pennsylvania, where she attended Saint Joseph University. Her LinkedIn profile indicates that she works with CORE Foodservice. The beautiful daughter of the musician chose a quiet life, explaining why she has shied away from media attention.

Her brother also joined Rowan University in New Jersey. Although he ventured into the entertainment industry, he took a different career path from his father to become a video producer.

Jennifer Ridarelli found love and is married to Jason Dublin. Jennifer and her husband have two children.

Who is Jennifer’s Father

Jennifer’s father was born Robert Louis Ridarelli and grew famous by his stage name Bobby Ridarelli. The singer was born on April 26, 1942, and started singing from a young age. In the 1960s, Ridarelli was considered a teen idol for his musical talent.

Bobby’s parents were of Italian descent, and he grew up in the Lower Moyamensing neighborhood in South Philadelphia. As a child, he started showing interest in singing because he would imitate the singers he saw on television.

Bobby’s father was very supportive, and when Bobby was only seven, he was taken around in clubs asking if he would be allowed to perform singing and doing impersonations.

Because of Bobby’s early support, he earned a reputation for himself and got a spot on a talent show on the national television series, TV Teen Club. Bobby was the winner of the competition, and Paul Whiteman, the host of the show, cast him in the show allowing him to stay there for several years. During his time in the show, his name grew to Bobby Rydell.

The Career of Bobby Rydell

Jennifer’s father started growing his career at a young age. He sang and played drums for several bands in Philadelphia. He tried releasing three singles with small companies, but they never hit.

Cameo Records identified him, and he signed a contract with him. The opportunity was huge and enabled him to grow his music career.

Who Was Jennifer Ridarelli’s Mother

Bobby Rydell was a family man who stayed married to his wife for thirty-five years. The singer married his wife Camille Quattrone in 968, and they stayed true to each other until 2003 when Bobby’s wife died.

During the three-decade marriage, the singer gave birth to beautiful children, Jennifer and her mother. Unfortunately, Bobby’s children have kept a low profile, despite their father enjoying international recognition from a young age.

Jennifer’s father’s health started growing weaker in the 2010s, and he underwent major surgery to replace his kidney and liver. The surgery was successful, and he returned to performing, although he died in April 2022.

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