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Diana Ruth Casey: Meet Albert Francis Capone’s Wife


Diana Ruth Casey is famously known as the ex-wife of Francis Capone. Francis Capone hailed from the notorious Capone family, and his father was the infamous Al Capone. Francis Capone was nicknamed “Sonny,” and he chose not to follow his father’s life of crime. Instead, he changed his name from Capone to Brown to “erase” the association with the name. This article will give a more detailed account of Diana Ruth and her husband, Francis “Sonny” Capone, aka Brown.

Diana Ruth Casey Bio

Diana Ruth Casey lived a quiet life with no reason for media attention until she met and eventually married Francis Capone. She was born on 27 November 1919 in Tennessee, U.S. she was the daughter of James F Casey and Ruth Martin.

Although famous for his father’s gang activities, Francis preferred to keep a low profile and strived to be nothing like his father. Diana was Francis’ high school sweetheart, and they married on 30 December 1941. Their quiet wedding ceremony took place at St. Patrick’s Church in Miami. Over the years, the couple was blessed with four beautiful daughters.

Diana died in Santa Clara, California, on 23 November 1989, aged 69.

Diana Ruth Casey Children

As mentioned above, Diana and her then-husband Sonny had four daughters: Barbara, Veronica, Patricia, and Teresa Capone.

Veronica Capone was born in 1943 in Miami Beach, Dade, Florida. Her father was 24, and her mother was 23 at her birth. She married Robert Warren Bacon in 1963 and had at least one son. Veronica died aged 64 in November 2007.

Patricia was born in Dade County, Florida, USA, on 27 February 1946. Like her sisters, she rarely spoke about her family publicly until she published her first book in 2019, titled “Al Capone: Stories My Grandmother Told Me.” Patricia and her two surviving sisters were in the spotlight in 2021 after they decided to auction at least 174 items of their family heirloom. The auction was titled A Century of Notoriety: The Estate of Al Capone and was scheduled to happen in August 2021.

Diana Ruth Casey Husband

Albert Francis Capone was born in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., on 4 December 1918 to Mae Josephine Coughlin and Al Capone. Albert, commonly known by his nickname “Sonny,” contracted syphilis when he was born, and at some point, he got a mastoid infection in his left year. He was treated, but he remained partially deaf for the rest of his life. He studied at the prestigious University of Miami but wanted to distance himself from his father’s shady business dealings. Sonny worked odd jobs as a car salesperson, apprentice printer, and tire distributor.

To shed the weight that came with the “Capone” name, Sonny changed his name to Albert Francis Brown. Despite his wish to go a different path from his father’s, Sonny and Al Capone shared a close bond, as evident by a letter he wrote to his son when he was in prison.

Albert Francis Capone died in Auburn Lake Trails, California, on 8 July 2004.

Wrapping Up

Albert Capone is a perfect example that, in some instances, an apple can indeed fall away from the tree.


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