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Gustavo Gaviria Restrepo: Meet Gustavo Gaviria’s Son

Gustavo Gaviria Restrepo

Gustavo Gaviria Restrepo was the son of Columbian drug trafficker Gustavo Gaviria. Gaviria used to be his cousin, Pablo Escobar, right-hand man, and together they ran the Medellin cartel. Gaviria controlled finances and trade routes for the organization, and he was considered its main mastermind, although he hid behind his cousin’s cover. Keep on reading to learn more about how Gustavo and his father died.

Gustavo Gaviria Restrepo Bio

The details of Gustavo’s birth are unavailable to the public since he maintained a low profile throughout his life. Gustavo was the son of drug trafficker Gaviria, who was the cousin of Pablo Escobar. Gustavo’s uncle was Jose Luis Gaviria Rivero, and his grandmother was Maria Julia Rivero. Following his father’s death in 1990, Gustavo (Gustavito) inherited the administration of his father’s assets, but he was not successful at handling the goods. Gustavo was murdered on 2 December 1993, the same day that Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was murdered.

Gustavo Gaviria Restrepo’s Father

Gustavo’s father, Gustavo Gaviria, was born in Pereira, Colombia, on 25 December 1946. Three years later, his cousin Pablo Escobar was born on 1 December 1947. Gaviria and Escobar grew close and collaborated in their criminal activities since the early 1970s. Escobar founded the highly organized Colombian drug cartel and terrorist organization the Medellin Cartel, which operated from 1967 to 1993 in several countries, including Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Central America, the Bahamas, Canada, and some cities in the United States. Gaviria was the organization’s controller of finances and trade routes.

Although Gustavo owned more fortune than his cousin Escobar and even had a military apparatus at his service, he was not well known since he kept a low profile. He was the mastermind of Medellin Cartel, but his cousin took credit. While Escobar was good at wasting money, Gustavo was somewhat controlled at sending.

The events that led to Gustavo’s death are unclear. However, it is speculated that he was killed by the Search Block of the National Police of Colombia on 11 August 1990 in Medellin, Colombia. The incident was covered up to prevent retaliation. His cousin Escobar was deeply affected by Gustavo’s death since they had a deep personal and professional relationship. However, Escobar didn’t attend his funeral; instead, he listened to the funeral mass from a radio attached to the officiating priest.

After Gustavo’s death, Escobar turned himself in, but he was to stay at La Catedral, a jail of his own making in Colombia, where his guards guarded him. Escobar was murdered on 2 December 1993 while trying to escape from a roof.

His involvement in drug trafficking was so massive that he inspired the production of the Netflix television series Narcos which attributes Gustavo’s death to the former members of the Search Bloc. In the 2012 television series Pablo Escobar, The Drug Lord, Christian Tappan also depicts him. Gustavo is also displayed in the television series Tres Caines, his role portrayed by actor Julio Pachon.

Wrapping Up

Although the nature of Gustavo and his father’s relationship is unclear, what is certain is that he suffered the same fate as he did three years earlier due to drug trafficking.

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