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Meet Cisco Dilg, Mimi Kennedy’s Son


Cisco Dilg is the son of Mimi Kennedy, a famous actress born on September 25, 1948. The famous actress was married to Larry Dilg, and they sired two children, Cisco and his sister Molly Dilg, who he grew up with. Cisco Dilg’s parents met before 1978, and they exchanged vows promising to remain true to each other. Many years have passed since their marriage, but no reports of divorce have been reported. Let’s find out more details regarding Cisco Dilg and his family.

Cisco Dilg’s Mother

Cisco Dilg’s mother is why Cisco has received media recognition. His mother was a famous American actress featured in several films and television shows, making her a celebrity.

Mimi Kennedy is the mother of Cisco Dilg, and she was born on September 25, 1948, as the daughter of Nancy Helen and Daniel Gerald Kennedy in Rochester, New York.

Mimi Kennedy started developing an interest in the theatre when she was young, and at the age twelve, she appeared in Agatha Christie with the Rochester Community Players. The Year of her debut in theater is 1960, before she graduated in 1966 from Our Lady of Mercy High School. Mimi Kennedy completed her education at Smith College, although it is unclear which course she pursued.

Besides acting, Kennedy got into the music industry, where she was part of the musical Rheingold and featured songs by her friend Jim Steinman.

Mimi Kennedy’s Career

Mimi Kennedy started acting young, although major and frequent appearances were noticed in the 1970s. She appeared in several sitcoms, although most of them were short-lived. She appeared in several shows like The Two of Us, Spencer, Family Man, and Joe’s Life.

Kennedy’s career improved when she had a supporting role in Homefront. The series was one of the best and was aired from 1991 to 1993. Mimi started getting more acting roles, and she was a regular actor on Savannah aired from 1996 to 1997. Unfortunately, the series was canceled after one season, and she received another role in Pacific Palisades. Pacific Palisades was also cancelled after a single season like the previous series.

The events made Mimi Kennedy return to comedy, where she played roles like Dharma’s mother on Dharma & Greg.

After a few roles in comedy plays, Kennedy was featured in television films during the 2000s. He was a guest actress on Grey’s Anatomy, House ER, and Veep, among many television films. One of the latest projects where Kennedy appeared was the 2013 film Mom. Kennedy acted as Marjorie, and she was among the lead actors. Moreover, the film went well, and she has appeared regularly in the series as a guest actor.

Is Kennedy Mimi Married?

Kennedy Mimi is a famous actress, but as much as she loves acting, she is a family lady with two children. Mimi is a proud mother of a boy and a girl, who she gave birth t after she was married to her longtime partner Larry Dilg in 1978.

Unfortunately, the actress loves keeping her life simple, explaining why there is not much information regarding her personal life or that of her husband and children.

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