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Find All the Facts About Catrina Jasmine Judge


Catrina Jasmine Judge is the daughter of the American actor, voice-over artist, and screenwriter Christopher Judge. Catrina Jasmine Judge is not the only daughter of her father as the renowned actor is known to have three other children.

Catrina Jasmine is a private figure and has managed to keep information about herself away from the public. There is little known about her, but sources indicate she is a professional model and is signed to one of the best modeling agencies.

It is shocking how Catrina Jasmine Judge has no trace of online activities, but who knows? She loves living peacefully and a normal life away from the limelight. Catrina being beautiful and young, is not certain if she has a boyfriend yet.

Catrina Jasmine Judge’s Father

Christopher Judge is the father of Catrina Jasmine Judge, and he is a professional American actor, writer, and voice artist. Catrina Jasmine Judge’s father came into the limelight after appearing in the Stargate franchise Andromeda and Just Cause. Catrina Jasmine Judge’s father was born in October 1964 in Los Angeles, where he grew up.

Catrina Jasmine’s father is of American nationality, and his ethnicity is mixed African and Cherokee. Christopher Judge, Catrin Jasmine’s father, started his education in Carson High School and graduated in 1982. He used to play football in high school, and it enabled him to win a scholarship to study at the University of Oregon.

Despite Catrina’s father being a player at university and high school, he started acting and took it as his career. He started acting in 1990, where he was engaged in small roles in various films like Bird on a Wire. In 1997, Christopher Judge became a famous character after being praised by his fans for his performance in Stargate SG-1.

After his appearance in Stargate in 1997, he appeared in many famous films growing his career further. Catrina Jasmine Judge’s father also wrote various episodes of Stargate and voiced multiple films. All his efforts in various fields in his career have greatly contributed to his wealth.

As of 2022, Catrina Jasmine Judge’s father, Christopher, is estimated to have a net worth of $3 million. Considering the many years he has spent in the acting industry, the huge amount he has been earning has greatly contributed to his wealth.

Moreover, Catrina Jasmine Judge’s father had won many awards and nominations from as early as 2002 when he was nominated for Saturn Award in the Best Supporting actor category. Also, he won the nomination for the British Academy Games Award for the performer in 2019.

Catrina Jasmine’s Family

Catrina Jasmine is known to be the child of the first wife of Christopher Judge. Unfortunately for Catrina Jasmine’s father, the marriage did not go well for him as he had to divorce his first wife. Margaret Schinke was the first wife of Catrina Jasmine Judge’s father, and they tied the knot in August 1995.

Christopher and Margaret were blessed with three children Cameron Judge, Christopher Jordan, and Catrina Jasmine. Cameron and Christopher, Catrina Jasmine’s siblings, are professional football players, and Catrina is a model. Catrina Jasmine Judge also has a half-sibling, Chloe Judge.

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