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Facts About Christian Noel Davis You Don’t Know

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Christian Noel Davis is the son of Clifton Duncan Davis, a famous actor, singer, minister, songwriter and author. The famous figure was married twice in his life, and from the relationship, he became a proud father of two children.

Christian Noel Davis was born with Cliffton Davis’s first wife, who he married for ten years. Although the minister has another child, his details have not been shared with the public, and the other child’s mother is unknown.

How Old is Christian Noel Davis

As of 2022, Christian Noel Davis is forty-one years old, after he was born in 1981. Although Christian’s father came from a Christian family that made him grow up and be a minister, it is unknown what his son is doing.

Christian Noel Davis’s Father

Cliffton Duncan Davis is an American actor, songwriter and minister who has come into the limelight because of his many talents. The songwriter and actor was born on October 4, 1945, and he is the great songwriter behind The Jackson 5’s number two hit song, Never Can Say Goodbye.

Besides being a successful songwriter, he was featured in various television shows like That’s My Mama, amen and Madam Secretary, making him a recognized actor. Davis has many talents and appeared on Match Game and Pyramid game shows.

For many years Davis has ministered in a Baptist church and appeared in interdenominational ministry for several years. Davis also is an author, and he wrote one of the chapters in Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul, which spoke about the racism he underwent when he was growing up.

Where was Christian Davis’s Father Born?

Davis was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Thelma Van Putten Langhorn and Toussant Davis, a Seventh-Day-Adventist minister. Davis’s mother was a nurse, and they ensured he got a better education.

Davis grew up in New York and attended a black boarding school sponsored by the SDA church. After his education, he joined Oakwood University, earning a degree in Theology. He continued his education and joined Andrews University, earning a Master of Divinity.

The Career of Cliffton Davis

Davis started with a successful songwriting career when he wrote a song for The Jackson 5, which became number two in hits. After his songwriting career, Cliffton ventured into acting and became successful.

His successful acting career is evident as the actor featured in several films gaining fame. He released a studio recording in 1991 entitled Say Amen, enabling him to grow his net worth. Among the latest filming works by the actor is his role as a Miami mayor in Any Given Sunday.

Moreover, from 2000 to 2008, Davis hosted Gospel Superfest, a Tv show syndicated by United Television.

From the many roles and careers Davis has held since the 1980s, he has accumulated a total net worth of $3 million.

Is Cliffton Davis Married?

Cliffton Davis is a family man who has been married twice. He married his first wife in 1981, although they separated in 1991. Since 2000, he has been married to Monica Durant.

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