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Bettie Irene Tucker- Family, Career, and Net Worth

Bettie Irene Tucker

Bettie Irene Tucker is famous for being the ex-wife of American businessman David Alan Siegel, the president and CEO of Westgate Resorts Ltd. She married David in 1970, and they were blessed with one daughter Susan. The couple divorced after 27 years of marriage.

It is unclear what Bettie Irene Tucker did or does to earn a living since no official information has been released concerning the same. Given her divorce from David, she must have gotten something out of it, but her net worth is unknown.

Her Ex-husband

David Siegel is a businessman with multiple businesses ranging from real estate, hotel and apartment management, insurance, travel services, transportation, retail, and construction.

Bettie’s ex-husband founded Westgate Resorts Ltd in 1982. The Florida-based timeshare resort company is among the largest privately owned companies; it has several resorts, including Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa, Westgate Towers, Westgate Town Center, and Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort & Spa, among others.

Additionally, Bettie’s ex-husband bought the Las Vegas Hotel, which he later changed its name to Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, one of the world’s largest hotels. At one time, David owned The Orlando Predators, an Arena football team.

Bettie’s ex-husband has also been active in politics, campaigning for George Bush in 2000. He even asked his managers to survey his employees to see who liked George Bush; those who liked him were asked to register to vote, and he also made sure they went to the polls. In 2012 he told his employees to vote for Mitt Romney; if not, he would fire them.

After Bettie’s ex-husband’s daughter died of a drug overdose, he started the Victoria Voice Foundation to prevent addiction and save lives from overdose. The foundation raises funds to influence legislation at all levels for drug policy reforms and ensure first responders carry Naloxone, an opioid overdose antidote.

Bettie’s ex-husband has done well in business with branches of his several companies countrywide in the United States. He has a Florida mansion that is worth over 75 million dollars. David is on his way to becoming a billionaire, but his net worth is estimated to be approximately $500 million.

David Siegel had health issues in 2022 and was under medical attention for some time, but he recovered and is back to managing his businesses.

Life After Divorce

Since Bettie Irene Tucker’s divorce in 1997 from David Siegel, she has kept a low profile. There are no details if she remarried or had any other child besides Susan. On the other hand, her ex-husband remarried and has eight children with his current wife, including his daughter Victoria Siegel, who died from a drug overdose.

Social media

Bettie Irene Tucker is very private and does not like media presence; therefore, she is not active on Instagram or any other social media handles. Her ex-husband is also not active on social media, but Jackie, David Siegel’s current wife, is on Instagram; she has a large following and often posts pictures of her family.

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