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Vicki Ann Weaver- Family, Education, Career, and Health


Vicki Ann Weaver was the wife of Terry Funk, an American retired professional wrestler, and actor. She married Terry Funk on August 1964 at the First Baptist Church, Canyon. They were blessed with two daughters, Stacy Funk and Brandee Funk, in their years together. Stacy is an air hostess for Southwest Airlines, and Brandee is a registered nurse working in Phoenix.

On education, Vicki went to Canyon High School, where she graduated, played basketball, and was a cheerleader. She then joined West Texas State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in education in 1965.

Despite having a degree in education, Vicki did not venture into a career on the same; rather, she loved spending time on the ranch. Vicki loved horses and rodeoing and did a great job on their ranch. She was a loving and devoted life to her husband, children, and grandchildren; her absence will be felt as she loved them dearly.

Before Vicki’s death in 2019, she was ill for some time in 2017, and her husband had to take time off to be with her and support her.

Her Husband

Terry Funk started his professional wrestling career in 1965. He was working in Western States Sports promotion, a wrestling promotion based in Amarillo, Texas, where his father was a promoter. Vicki’s husband partnered with his older brother, and as a team, they went up against big names such as Hank James and Ernie Ladd.

Terry joined the NWA Championship Wrestling in 1970, and five years later, he defeated Jack Brisco in the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and had to defend the time for fourteen months against top wrestlers. Vicki’s husband was a champion in North America, Australia, Singapore, and Japan until Harley Race in Toronto defeated him.

Vicki Ann’s husband also wrestled in the All Japan Pro Wrestling, where he amazed his Japanese fans with his brawling ability and colorful get-ups. In 1985, Funk made his World Wrestling Federation debut, beating Aldo Marino and ring announcer Mel Phillips on his television debut.

Terry Funk’s wrestling career was long-lived, spanning about 50 years, though he used to go for short retirements. During his half-century career, Funk wrestled in several other promotions, including; Extreme Championship Wrestling, International Wrestling Association of Japan, United States Wrestling Association, World Championship Wrestling, and Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling, among others.

Health Concerns of Her Husband

In the documentary film, Beyond the Mat, Vicki Ann Weaver mentions that she was concerned with her husband’s health; in the same documentary, her husband was told that he needed a knee replacement, an operation he had some time later. Funk also had an inguinal hernia, and after surgery, he was told to rest but chose to attend House of Hardcore shows.

In 2021, Vicki’s husband was diagnosed with dementia and lived at an assisted living facility, but in December of the same year, it was reported that he was doing well and had returned to his home.


Vicki Ann, born on February 24, 1944, died on March 29, 2019, in Amarillo, Randall County, Texas, USA, and she was buried at the Dreamland Cemetery, Canyon, in Randall County.

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