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Peeking Into Personal Life Of Andrew Bullano, His Family, & More

Andrew Bullano

Andrew Bullano is the son of the famous fitness coach and instructor named Leslie Sansone. Without coming up with any prominent involvement Andre has caught the eyes of the audience. However, this is because of his mother’s popularity and vogue. On the other hand, the media and the audience also play an important role to do so as they are much interested in sneaking into every celebrity’s life to know what they are doing in their lives.

As the title of the article suggests it will convey all possible information about Andrew Bullano. Along with him, a few segments will also be added about his mother to centralize his character.

Early Life And Family

Andrew Bullano is the son of Leslie Sansone and Joseph Bullano. He spent his entire childhood with his sibling.

Apart from this nothing much can be gathered about him as he doesn’t fall under the category of a notable personality. He is known to the entire realm because of his mother. However, he himself never appeared with any functioning aspect for which he should be known. Nonetheless, his mother never seems to be enthusiastic and active to disseminate anything about her son.

Andrew’s Mother And Her Net Worth

Leslie Sansone is a fitness instructor from America who was born on 14th February 1961, in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Before stepping into this field she completed her bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and later attended Youngstown State University for higher education. But she couldn’t cope with her higher studies and chose to become a fitness instructor.

Coming into this fitness world was a sudden decision for her as she never planned for this kind of career. In 1980 she appeared in front of the audience with her first ever fitness video. Her videos illustrate several walking exercises excluding heavy equipment exercises. In her entire career, she came up with almost 4 books and fitness tutorial videos.

What is Leslie Sansone doing at present? Did she retire? Nobody has the answers to these questions. As of 2020, no such fitness video has been materialized by Leslie Sansone for her devotees. From the very beginning of her career, she has been connected with one of the prominent brands. However, the brand itself didn’t have any answer regarding where Leslie Sansone is. Her disappearance has left everyone outraged and startled.

In 1994 she was married to Joseph Bullano, with whom she has two sons.

According to sources the fitness instructor, Leslie Sansone has a net worth of around 200 million dollars.

Andrew Bullano’s Net Worth

What does Andrew do to earn his bread? Is he still dependent upon his parents? What is his mode of income? No such information can be gathered which will indicate anything about his mode of income. That’s why it’s not possible to figure out anything about his net worth.


Hopefully, the above-mentioned information will be enough for the audience to clear out their conception of who Andrew Bullano is. Along with him a precise section also concocts his mother because of whom he is in this sphere. So to know more about such personalities keep scrolling this website.

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