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Gus Monroe Deveraux Sanford Young Star Kid Life, Family, & More Insights


Without putting in any effort, celebrity kids always step up the notch of success. The audience and the media insist that the star kids appear in front of everyone as prominent faces. However, Gus Monroe Deveraux Sanford is one of them. He is the son of a famous actress named Poppy Montgomery.

As the title of the article suggests it will put forward several important notifications about  Gus Monroe Deveraux Sanford. Along with him, a few segments will also be adjoined about his mother to enhance his character.

Early Life And Family

Gus Monroe Deveraux Sanford is the 7 years old son of Poppy Montgomery and Shawn Sanford. Gus Monroe was born in 2014. He also has an elder sister named  Violet Grace who was born in 2013. Apart from this nothing much can be gathered about him as none of his parents likes to speak much about what their son is doing. However, it’s quite evident that this 7-year-old boy must be attending school and has just started to explore the world.

Gus Monroe’s Mother And Her Net Worth

Poppy Petal Emma Elizabeth Deveraux Donahue popularly known as Poppy Montgomery is an Australian-born American actress. She was born on 19th June 1972 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She had spent her childhood with her six siblings and had enjoyed every bit of it. Her mother was a marketing executive researcher whereas her father was a restaurant.

She dropped her schooling at the age of 15 after being expelled from schools and private academics. Poppy’s main motive to do so is because of her love and passion to chase her acting career. To do so she left the country with her boyfriend for Bali. However, after being betrayed by him she shifted to the United States alone at the age of 18.

In 2001 Poppy gained her first ever show named Blonde which came out on CBS. In this show, she appeared in front of the audience as Marilyn Monroe. However, the drama is based on Joyce Carol Oates’ novel. However, in 2011 she was featured in a television drama named Magic Beyond Words as Harry Potter.

The most prominent show in her entire career is Without a Trace. In this show, she played the character of Samantha Spade. Some of her notable works include Tammy and the T-Rex, Dead Man on Campus, Devil in a Blue Dress, How to Lose Your Lover, Jake Lassiter: Justice on the Bayou, Party of five, Murder in the Hamptons and so on.

She worked down the aisle with Shawn Sanford in 2014 and both of their kids witnessed their parent’s marriage. Shawn Sanford is the director of lifestyle marketing at one of the leading companies named Microsoft.

In 2005 she was in a relationship with Adam Kaufman with him Poppy also has a son Jackson Phillip. Jackson was born in 2007. However, their relationship doesn’t last too long. The couple parted ways in 2010 which created much chaos among their devotees.

According to sources at present Poppy Montgomery has a net worth of around 8 million dollars.

Gus Monroe Deveraux Sanford’s Net Worth

Gus Monroe is a 7 years old kid who is entirely dependent upon his parents for his every need. That’s why it will be unfair if the audience thinks of his net worth at this moment.


Being the son of such a famous identity, people around the globe expect Gus Monroe to taste the essence of success just like his mother. Hopefully, he will fulfill everyone’s expectations.

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