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Zeppelin Adele Gilford Personal Life & More

Zeppelin Adele Gilford

This 4-year-old sweetheart is the daughter of actors Kiele Sanchez and Zach Gilford. While she hasn’t had her very own paparazzi moment yet, the audience have been craving to see their favorite actor’s child. It’s sure going to be ‘the viral moment’ when the parents decide to drop their daughter’s picture.

Private Life

Most of this little angel’s life is quite a secret. Zeppelin Adele Gilford, often referred to as Kiele and Zach’s daughter, was born on 29 November 2017 in Los Angeles and is now 4 years old. The couple welcomed their little girl via surrogacy and have often shared tales about their journey. Zeppelin wasn’t supposed to be the only child in her family.

Back in October 2015, the couple shared the disheartening news on losing their child to miscarriage when Kiele Sanchez was in her third trimester. The parents have shared little details on the daughter’s life, when asked in interviews.

The mother of Zeppelin is a reputed actress who was popularly known for her work in the ABC Television’s series- Lost, where she played the role Nikki Fernandez. The sensational show, Grey’s Anatomy, had Zeppelin’s father- Zack Gilford act as Charlie Lowell. Along with this, the actor has also appeared in Midnight Mass, the Netflix series.


Unlike her parents, Zeppelin’s grandparents are not actively a part of the show business. Not much is known about them, except small details like their names. While details about her maternal grandmother isn’t revealed to the public, Zeppelin’s grandfather is Oscar Sanchez.

Her paternal grandparents are Anne and Steve Gilford. Zach Gilford, once said in an interview that daughter, Zeppelin’s middle name is inspired by his grandmother- Adele Gilford. The mutual love and respect Kiele and Zach had for their grandmother wanted them to include the name. Zach stated, ‘it just felt right’, when asked about daughter’s name.

Little Revelations

Father- Zach Gilford has often gotten candid about moments with daughter, Zeppelin. He mentioned that the idea behind her beautiful name was his wife, Kiele Sanchez, also mentioning about how the couple often addressed their daughter with her name after the 6th week ultrasound.

He further went on to state how he had moments where he would tear up watching the adorable daughter and mother duo bond with each other. He referred to her as a ‘mama lion’- who looks at their daughter with sheer delight and adoration, silently reassuring she would always protect her daughter.

The father too shares their moments of ultimate joy when he said he is very present and interactive in her life. He mentioned how he wanted to guide her into being herself and feeling confident. The Kingdom actress opened up back in 2016 about how losing her son was emotionally and physically draining.


It’s no wonder she appears on the news with the little stories her parents feed us on. There is so much anticipation around the little girl- Zeppelin. Although her face isn’t revealed yet, it is no wonder- just conversations about her light up the room in joy.

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