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Yamato Renfro Family, Personal Life, Education, & More


Yamato Renfro was the son of the late famous American actor from Knoxville, Brad Renfro. The 25-year-old actor was gone too soon as he met with an unfortunate death due to drug intoxication. He acted as a child artist in many movies like “The Cure,” “Sleepers,” and “Tom and Huck.” However, his legacy continues with his son, Yamato Renfro.

Personal Life

Yamato was born in 2003. Yamato is a single-parent child. His birth was totally unplanned, and it was mentioned in his Father’s, Brad’s obituary with his name “Y Renfro.” Yamato looked just like his father, and Brad used to take him to his cousin Jesse Hasek’s house in Knoxville.

When he was 4, his father, Brad Renfro, died. After his father’s demise, Yamato returned to Japan, where his mother lives. Despite his father’s death, the 19-year-old boy and his mother are still in contact with his grandparents.

Yamato’s Family

Yamato was raised by his father, Brad Renfro, and a Japanese lady whose identity is not yet revealed. When Brad was just 10 years old, he made his debut in acting in the film “The Client” in 1994. It was Joel Schumaker, the director of his first movie, who noticed the talent in him. Even his co-actors were equally surprised as well as impressed by the way little Brad portrayed the role of Mark Sway at this young age. For his emotionally appealing role, he won the Young Star Award in The Hollywood Reporter.

At a young age, he also developed a passion for music apart from acting. Brad used to compose songs on his own and played guitar amazingly. Things started falling apart when Brad got arrested in 1998 for keeping cocaine and marijuana. Later in 2000, he was arrested again for theft along with a friend. He had a tough life going to jail, entering rehab, and dealing with drugs again. After the birth of his son, Yamato, he was happy and leading a better life along with his son. Unfortunately, on January 15, 2008, he was found dead in his apartment due to an overdose of heroin.

Yamato’s grandparents were Angela Olsen and Mark Renfro. Even their visits to Yamato were kept private as it would grab the media’s attention to the teenager.


There isn’t much information available on the internet regarding the education of the 19-year-old teenager. As he is residing in Japan with his mother, he might be having his higher education there. His family doesn’t want to reveal his details as it would grab the media’s attention and bring him to the limelight. They want him to have a normal life without being famous like his father, Brad, when he was his age. As Yamato wanted, his family also allowed him to maintain his privacy unless he decided to reveal his details to the public through any media or social media platforms.

Net Worth

Although his father died at a young age, he had a net worth of approximately $300 Thousand. Rather than this, no other information on his mother’s identity or net worth is revealed.


Yamato Renfro never had enough time to spend with his father, as Brad passed away when his son was just four years old. Brad wanted his son to have all the happiness in the world. But couldn’t stay with him for long. It is not sure whether Yamato will become an artist like his late Father or join any other profession of his choice. He sure must have inherited his Father’s talent.

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