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Who is Terry James Gordy? Career and Net Worth

Terry James Gordy

Terry James Gordy is the son of Berry Gordy, an American record producer, executive, film producer, television producer, and songwriter. Terry was born on August 1956 and had seven siblings; Kerry, Hazel, Kennedy, Rhonda, Stefan, Berry Gordy IV, and Sherry.

Terry is married to Desiree Thomas Gordy; they have been together for over three decades. Details surrounding their marriage have been kept private, and it is unclear if they have any children. The two met in high school, became friends, and exchanged wedding vows after college.

In education, Terry James Gordy studied at Beverly Hills high school before joining college, though details on which college or what he studied for in college have not been revealed.

Career and Net Worth

Details on Terry’s career are unclear, but it is worth believing that he is a businessman in the production and publishing sector since his wife is his head of business affairs. Terry’s wife is an entertainment lawyer; after completing her studies in law school, she started practicing law in 1983. Desiree has worked with various artists, including Lionel Richie, Smokey Robinson, Rick James, Stevie Wonder, and DeBarge.

Terry has worked with his wife for a long time, and they have become inseparable, given his wife’s work ethic. Given the business that Gordy is involved in, he must have made some money since he has been in business for over 30 years, but his exact net worth is unknown.

His Father

Terry James’ father is famous for being the founder of the Motown record label; it was one of the highest-earning African-American businesses for many years. In his early years, Berry Gordy Jr. tried his luck in boxing to become rich quickly, which didn’t work. He was then drafted into the United States Army, and after two years of service, he returned and ventured into music.

He wrote songs of the jazz music genre. When Terry’s father met Jackie Wilson, his music started doing well as it was received locally and internationally.

The Motown Record Corporation

Terry’s father thought of starting an R&B company in 1959, with some financial support from his family and the profits he made from his songwriting in the 1950s. He chose Tamla Records, and the company started operating in January 1959. Come to Me was one of the first songs to be produced by the record company. Terry’s father also worked with the Miracles and produced some songs for them.

With the Miracles, Tamla Records grew in popularity given the songs they recorded, including Shop Around, You’ve Got a Hold on Me, What’s So Good About Goodbye, and I’ll Try Something New, among others.

In 1960 Tamla and its sister record label, Motown label merged into Motown Record Corporation; with it, he signed many talented musicians, including the Supremes, the Commodores, the Velvets, and Four Tops, among others.

Social Media

Terry is not as active on social media as his other siblings. No personal accounts affiliated with him have been found on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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