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Stoni Ann Blair: The Girl Found in a Freezer on Top of Her Brother


Stoni Ann Blair was 13 when she was found dead in the freezer of their Detroit home in March 2015. As if that wasn’t disturbing enough, her eight-year-old brother’s lifeless body was stashed below hers. When their bodies were discovered, the siblings had been dead for about three years. Their mother, Michelle Blair, confessed to the murder charges, and she was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole. This article will shed more light on Stoni’s murder.

Stoni Ann Blair Bio

Stoni was born in 1999 to Michelle Blair and Alexander Dorsey. Her father was absent, and her mother raised her alongside her three siblings. Stoni’s mother had a rough upbringing, and her children became the subject of her anger.

On the morning of 24 March 2015, a crew from the 36th District Court went to Michelle’s Martin Luther King Apartment to handle her eviction. The team did not find her at home, and when they began removing furniture, they made a shocking discovery. In a freezer in the living room were the bodies of a boy and a girl.

Michelle was found in one of her neighbor’s apartments with her other two children: a son aged eight and a 17-year-old daughter. After questioning, Michelle was arrested for murder while the bodies were taken to a morgue for an autopsy. The bodies were positively identified as that of Stoni Blair and Stephen Berry and had been in the freezer for several years.

Stoni Ann Blair’s Mother’s Confession

At the Wayne County Circuit Court, Michelle Blair confessed to the murders of her two children without remorse. She claimed they were “demons” who had raped her youngest son, although the allegation was never substantiated. It began with Stephen, who confessed to raping his brother. Michelle punched and kicked him before placing plastic bags over his head until he lost consciousness. She repeatedly poured scalding water on his genitals, made him drink a window cleaner, and choked him with a belt. After two weeks of torture, he died on 30 August 2012. Michelle put Stephen’s body in her deep freezer.

Nine months after the sickening events, Michelle alleged that she found out that Stoni was also raping her son. She began starving Stoni and brutally tortured and beat her until she died on 25 May 2013. Like she had done with Stephen, Michelle put Stoni’s body in a plastic bag and placed her in the deep freezer on top of her brother. Michelle continued to live in the same house with her other kids.

Since Stoni and Stephen’s fathers were absentees, no one looked for the kids. Michelle had previously taken them out of school and told the teachers she would homeschool them. She said she felt no remorse over her actions and that she “would kill them again.” However, Prosecutor Carin Goldfarb stated that there was no evidence of rape.

Michelle was stripped of the parental rights of her surviving children, who were given up for adoption. In June 2015, Michelle Blair pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder. She is serving a life sentence at the Huron Valley Correctional Facility, Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Wrapping Up

Stoni and her brother died young in their mother’s hands, an occurrence chilling to many of Michigan’s folks.

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